Brake Pads

The brake pads on my car have been shot for weeks. I’m final­ly get­ting them replaced this Sat­ur­day, and I will feel infi­nite­ly bet­ter after­ward. Not because of appre­hen­sion regard­ing my less­ened stop­ping abil­i­ty but because I’ve been putting up with this heinous screech­ing noise as the warn­ing guide scratch­es against the wheel. It has made me quite para­noid, espe­cial­ly since I can now hear it over my radio [a vain attempt to ignore the prob­lem by not hear­ing it]. I imag­ine that every­one knows what I am up to and where I am going because of this high-pitched sound that accom­pa­nies me every­where. Like in the car­toons when a small rain­cloud fol­lows an unfor­tu­nate every­where. I who pride myself on mov­ing silent­ly have been a poor­er cousin of the Klax­on late­ly.

The rea­son I have not got­ten my pads changed soon­er: appar­ent­ly all car main­te­nance places close for a cou­ple of weeks around the hol­i­days. This Sat­ur­day is the first day I’ve had a chance to get in since the noise start­ed.

Thus ends this rather mean­ing­less post.

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  • I had sim­i­lar break prob­lems right before Christ­mas. New pads, cali­pars (sic), and rotars. All because one side wore down a lot faster than the oth­er and cre­at­ed a nasty pull. While I’m glad I got it fixed I was a bit pissed about how much it costs…parts most­ly they cut us break on labor too.

  • Nah, this post was not mean­ing­less. Brakes are just anoth­er part of the world we inhab­it. Mean­ing exists there, some­where. (I think.)

  • Calla­han brake pads are what you need. Any­way, if you’re inter­est­ed, reports from an inter­mit­tent­ly pre­ten­tious sub­set of your alma mater: The Mind­set Best of 2003

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