I won some Cash for Christmas and today I received it. I got the CD- American IV: The Man Comes Around and the DVD- Johnny Cash: A Concert Behind Prison Walls. I also received a couple of stickers.


I had heard the album with Phil right when it came out and was impressed, so it was great to win it from 97x. I’m also looking forward to seeing the DVD which is a musical synopsis and tribute to Mr. Cash. My mentor at work has issued a list of demands from me, which includes a share in the Cash. She has also given me a nickname, ‘Bones’ incongruous though that might be. I have no idea where she came up with that. The only Bones I know goes to ND and smokes up alot. She’s pretty cool though so I’ll let it slide.

One thought on “Cash

  1. yes…johnny cash was amazing. all of the american albums are amazing, and so is the 5 cd -unearthed box. i kept hearing about that contest, but since i already had it, i didnt enter. congratulations and enjoy!!!

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