Hades Arrow

i’ve finally gotten just about everything i need in order to start building a website for meagan. she managed to scan a bunch of her artwork with the hi-res scanners at ND and i’ve been busy downloading it to my machine. the *.jpgs are so large that they threaten to crash my browser and perhaps the very computer itself.

the prospect of making a website for someone else, is quite imposing. i really don’t have the option of goofing around and having somewhat sloppy code like i do on my own site. this baby has to purr, so that once i hand it over to Meagan, she can just do what she wants without any hassle. i’m going to run it through MoveableType since i don’t know how to code something into *.php or *.asp. Besides, i think squirt will have an easier time maintaining and updating it on her own if she runs it through that engine.