Lick It

I went to the Cavs/Knicks game last evening with Liam and Anne, and Amy. This was my first time actually being present at professional basketball game. We bought the tix from a scalper for 20 bucks a pop [they were regular priced at $65] and I am sure glad I didn’t pay full price. The game was pretty boring. I’m not one for sporting events [exceptions being hockey and baseball, but the latter more for being outside than any other reason]. LeBron has a meh night, and I was rooting for the Knicks anyway. They pretty much stopped playing midway through the second quarter. Professional basketball needs some reruling and discipline. Everything looked lazy last night and since it only takes three steps for a player to get from one end of the floor to airborne at the goal, nothing really happens. Of course, the Cavs and Knicks both blow. Perhaps that has something to do with it. This is the most action packed shot I took. The advertisement along the far side says it all.


2 thoughts on “Lick It

  1. Cavs/Knicks? Ugh. Come back to Indiana and go watch a Pacers game. Then at least one of the teams will be worth paying for. GO PACERS!

    Oh, and GO PONIES!

  2. I finally went to a hockey game last weekend. It was a good game no students, sold out, I couldn’t get a cowbell, it was full of boyscouts. John and Roger told me that even though we are having a good year the student section sucks. If I could find a way to sneak into every game I’d try to get the goon squad going again….I need another old goon to comeback…can I find you a better job around here adam?

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