my computer is slowly approaching the event horizon of unusefulness. [damn that word has one prefix and a dual suffix, how awful]. it is toast. the main problem my machine has is lack of HD space. i’m still running on 8.5GB; this makes it quite difficult to download the amounts of stuff that i wish to download. i have to ration the space. at any given time i try to attempt to strive to keep around 2.5GB free for the download queue.

this forces me to make initial decisions on what to keep and not keep every day. if it doesn’t hit me the first time i play it, into the recycle bin it goes. unfortunately, some really great stuff needs time for me to grow into it. the decrepitude of my PC prevents this from occurring.

i decided this evening, whilst letting the bears out of the cave, that when any object forces you to change your habits as a result of said object’s lack of accomodation, said object should be objectively chucked. since i have had to modulate my behavior because of my faithful yet inadequate computer, i should get a new one. this also applies to things like toasters and car brakes, when a toaster doesnt toast bread into toast, the toaster should be replaced. when you must brake your car 300m before you need to stop, you should get them fixed.

oh yeah, my DVD-​ROM is also toast.

now, as much as i would like to purchase a newer computer [perhaps one that runs in GHz and has a tad more than 8.5 GB] i cannot afford one. so my adaptive behavior must continue indefinitely. that is, of course, unless someone has a computer they don’t need anymore…