VDS, Mofo

Fin! Finally. I no longer work for VDS. Monday I start my new job as a manuscript editor. It should infinitely better, even though I’ll be working in a cubicle. At least the people I’ll be working with will have decent oral hygiene, and a modicum of common sense. I don’t have to make copies of anything from here any longer. VDS is dead to me.

i stayed up for 23 hours yesterday and now my eyes smart. i’ve also been invited to go to Indianapolis with Liam either next weekend or at the end of February. We’d haul on down there to see Jes?s and the recently affianced Bjob. If i go it will be a strange roadtrip, to drive to Indy, and not stop by at home or my aunt and uncle’s house which are both relatively on the way.

in other news, i need to get laid before i become completely inert.

other words that should probably not be said on a family-read website in reference to myself: masturbate, defecate, James Tate, commensurate, wooden crate, communist state.

i’ve got a two o’clock. peace.

One thought on “VDS, Mofo

  1. Adam? Sex? Masturbate? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!? He be human!

    Seriously, good luck at work, and enjoy the Hoosier state my friend. Oh, and GO PONIES!

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