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Cleveland Auto Show 2004

I went to the Cleveland Auto Show today and checked out what is going on the in the world of automobiles. Boy was it a zoo. I don’t like crowds that consist of myriad groups of people all going in different directions with attentions not necessarily directed in the direction they are directing themselves, all […]


I really like this redesign. Although for whatever reason, IE doesn’t like parsing it like a normal browser should. That is why there is an uncoded break between the flame banner and the div containing all the text. for whatever reason as well, though the images are the same width as the div, the layer […]


I once spent an entire day driving a penguin around New York City. I didn’t exactly ask to do this but I’ve been paid to do stranger things. My boss was a six foot four inch Samoan with a chipped incisor and permanently affixed antique aviator glasses. I was only allowed to call him Mr. […]


Within the last week I have been in conversation with three different people, at different times, on the same topic. I say things that hurt the feelings of my friends and family and, apparently, I do it pretty often. There was no hesitation on the part of two of these people in saying so, once […]

Ash Wednesday 2004

Mardi Gras is over and now that Lent begins it is time to repent for all the crass, vulgar, indulgent and legion other sinful things that I have done since last Lent. I wonder if forty days is long enough. More than the long stretch of Ordinary Time during the summer, more even than Advent […]

Rent Fest

Hollywood Video has this great coupon gizmo going on where you can rent up to three new releases for the full five days at 99 cents each. last night i rented In the Cut, Lost in Translation, and Solaris for 5 days and a measly $3.21. without this wonderful coupon [a pile of which i […]

Codes, Communication, Art

I love language because it is a code; because it is so malleable. I love watching young people pick it up and turn it into their own code. My Classical Greek professor once said that babes and children create and change language more than adults. I suppose this is because children are still being indoctrinated, […]

On Death

to die: see: to live. a process that results in death. Also, dying. often misused in place of dead. Example: He died. Instead of He is dead. This is like saying He lived. It is obvious and therefore needless. He is alive is much better. see also: When You Die, You’re Dead. This usage is […]

Mystery Story

Jack was the last one in the office. As usual, as soon as the door cut off the view of Ms. Cramer’s mini-skirted backside, a stream of muttered expletives issued from around the cigarette in his mouth. Too many distractions. Jack spun in his chair and glared out the window at the lone streetlight illuminating […]


I think that I am a relatively disciplined and responsible person, but doesn’t that sound lame? I go to bed at 11:30 at night and wake up at 6:45 in the morning. The seven hours and fifteen minutes I give to sleep are necessary for me. I do not like the way I feel when […]

Guitar Lesson

I had my first real guitar lesson last night. I feel much more satisfied with this teacher than I ever did taking class lessons at Notre Dame or the few crappy lessons I took in Connersville. Since I can read music [or at least, since I used to be able to read music] we were […]


If I could have a harem, these are the famous people that it would contain. Non-famous people have been omitted to protect my innocence. Judy Greer– She has played mostly small but important roles so far in What Women Want, Adaptation [briefly topless!], and The Wedding Planner. I love me a hot redhead. Winona Ryder– […]

Apartment Building

I live in an apartment building in Soviet Russia. The building is drafty and reminds me of my time in a gulag I have never been to. Instead of the smell of steaks in passageways, I tend to be assaulted by the smell of boiling cabbage and raw onions. Languages I hear on a daily […]


A very long time ago there was a boy named Jerry who had magic. He lived in a brown house in a brown town between a brown river and a snowy grey mountain. No one in the town knew that the Jerry had magic; so he was raised like most boys. When he was hungry […]

Sidekick Suck

Last week, Organic Mechanic began a new series which seeks to explore a variety of the fascinating and controversial figures of the 21st century. Our first interview was with the infamous and rarely-interviewed Captain Spacepants. Today we interview his partner-in-crime of 15 years, Sidekick Suck–master of suckage, controversial performance artist, and author of the phrase […]

Free Film Food

I spent the weekend working in Medina on Save the Day. I ate much food, talked about the three main on-set topics [films i’ve worked on/films i’ve seen, drinking, and sex]. It was a long weekend, 66 scheduled shots, many of them involving fight choreography. I worked as sound assistant for awhile, did some lighting […]

Hidalgo Dual Review

I went to an advanced screening of the new Viggo Mortensen vehicle, Hidalgo, last evening. The story story centers around Frank Hopkins [Mortensen]; his paint mustang, Hidalgo; and long distance horse racing. Hopkins goes to Arabia to compete in a 3,000 mile Bedouin race across the deserts. A dual review is found below, one praises […]


we seem to spend much of our lives in transit, or waiting. tedium. how many ways have we to take up all the listless liminal states of developed life? this entry for instance. portable video games, cell phones, cheap magazines and romance novels. the internet above all has become a redoubt for those afflicted with […]

Worst Things

A list of some of the worst things in my world. – A pile of week old, encrusted and molding dirty dishes. – Sitting cross-legged on the floor for an extended period of time, getting up and feeling your kneecaps slowly squeal and grind against your leg bones. – Being incapacitatingly allergic to warm, cuddly, […]

Saves the Day

I’m somewhat back in the saddle when it comes to filmmaking. For the next two weeks, as my schedule allows, I am going to help out on a Super 16mm film called Saves the Day, which concerns itself with a boy who thinks his older brother is a superhero. I’m just a PA, and the […]