Cleveland Auto Show 2004

I went to the Cleveland Auto Show today and checked out what is going on the in the world of automobiles. Boy was it a zoo. I don’t like crowds that consist of myriad groups of people all going in different directions with attentions not necessarily directed in the direction they are directing themselves, all moving at different speeds. Especially when I want to walk slowly and look at things. Saw a couple of cool things, including a V-16 1000hp batmobile looking thing called the Cadillac 16. Apparently they run about $300k and are special order items only. They probably only get 5 miles to the gallon as well. The car I liked best is a Saturn concept called Curve, which I think, is due to be released next year. It is quite sharp looking and around $20k, or so rumor has it. I saw a Volkswagon Phaeton [a sweet name that I am glad has been brought back, even if by a foreign car company]. It was a $104k Volkswagon though, which was incongruous to say the least.

Then I went downstairs to where the classic cars were. One of the first I saw was a 1961 Corvette Convertible, one year younger than my dream Corvette, but in almost all other ways identical. There was also a sweet, Auburn Boattail and even a Hudson. I think one of the reasons I like well maintained and restored classic automobiles is that each one is a testament to the love and dedication their owners have for these works of art. Each car has its own story and they are all so much different than the cookie-cutter autos of today’s manufacture, that I can’t help but be drawn to them.

Here are some pictures:

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