Free Film Food

I spent the weekend working in Medina on Save the Day. I ate much food, talked about the three main on-set topics [films i’ve worked on/films i’ve seen, drinking, and sex]. It was a long weekend, 66 scheduled shots, many of them involving fight choreography. I worked as sound assistant for awhile, did some lighting setup, moved a couple of sandbags and tumbling mats, and sat around on my ass eating more food.

I figure that I have only eaten one meal at my apartment in the last two weeks. All else has been provided for me either by working on set, being fed at work, or being fed at my friend’s or my friend’s parent’s house. I hypothesize that if I can keep a steady gig going helping on films that I might not ever have to fix myself something to eat again.


The location Friday evening was a bit weird as fuck. Imagine, if you can, a room with two player pianos, a couple of ancient armchairs, and every last inch of wall and counter and shelf space covered with taxidermied animal heads and animals, lacquered cow and goat skulls, stuffed boars heads, a rack of weasel furs, a jackalope head, stuffed squirrels, snake skins, tanned hides, fish heads stuffed fish, wasp’s nests, a enormous moose head, an elk head, a gazelle head, several deer heads, skunk pelts, beaver pelts, you name a critter and I bet there was a dead one on the wall.

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