Free Film Food

I spent the week­end work­ing in Medina on Save the Day. I ate much food, talked about the three main on-set top­ics [films i’ve worked on/​films i’ve seen, drink­ing, and sex]. It was a long week­end, 66 sched­uled shots, many of them in­volv­ing fight chore­og­ra­phy. I worked as sound as­sis­tant for awhile, did some light­ing set­up, moved a cou­ple of sand­bags and tum­bling mats, and sat around on my ass eat­ing more food.

I fig­ure that I have on­ly eat­en one meal at my apart­ment in the last two weeks. All else has been pro­vid­ed for me ei­ther by work­ing on set, be­ing fed at work, or be­ing fed at my friend’s or my friend’s parent’s house. I hy­poth­e­size that if I can keep a steady gig go­ing help­ing on films that I might not ever have to fix my­self some­thing to eat again.


The lo­ca­tion Friday evening was a bit weird as fuck. Imagine, if you can, a room with two play­er pi­anos, a cou­ple of an­cient arm­chairs, and every last inch of wall and counter and shelf space cov­ered with taxi­der­mied an­i­mal heads and an­i­mals, lac­quered cow and goat skulls, stuffed boars heads, a rack of weasel furs, a jack­a­lope head, stuffed squir­rels, snake skins, tanned hides, fish heads stuffed fish, wasp’s nests, a enor­mous moose head, an elk head, a gazelle head, sev­er­al deer heads, skunk pelts, beaver pelts, you name a crit­ter and I bet there was a dead one on the wall.

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