Guitar Lesson

I had my first real guitar lesson last night. I feel much more satisfied with this teacher than I ever did taking class lessons at Notre Dame or the few crappy lessons I took in Connersville. Since I can read music [or at least, since I used to be able to read music] we were able to cover four pages of the introduction guitar method book in the half hour. I learned 6 notes and the first three strings of three chords. This first book only covers the top of the fretboard and the subsequent books move down the neck and give a selection of guitar styles so a student can pick up some variety.

I have to buy a guitar case and new strings. I knew both of these but was unable to manage it over the weekend. So tonight I’m going to hitch on over to Guitar Center and spend some cash I don’t have so that my guitar is protected.

I’m glad to be learning something again. Actually, I’m glad to be learning anything. I need to have a constant goal of self-​improvement for various reasons; the major one being that I get bored with my life if it only contains the same thing. I hate being bored when I have free time. I have reconciled myself to often being bored whereever I work, but if I don’t have something to do with my free-​time I get batty. This is probably why I don’t have cable, as any time I watch the Idiot Box, I get bored out of my gourd. Thus, guitar lessons. I’ll stop rambling now.