I really like this redesign. Although for whatever reason, IE doesn’t like parsing it like a normal browser should. That is why there is an uncoded break between the flame banner and the div containing all the text. for whatever reason as well, though the images are the same width as the div, the layer appears to be one or two pixels longer. Only in IE that i have seen however. The site looks perfect in Firefox.

Something happened last night that scared the tar out of me and pissed me off at myself to no end. I uploaded the redesigned pages and when I ran the rebuild in MT, some miscoding on my part started to eat my archives. I thought I had lost a full year of entries. I checked 5 or so random individual archive files and they all looked the same. the master archive index also linked to all dead files. thankfully i was saved by my daily entry archives, which i have never linked to but exist nonetheless. once i calmed down and realized this, all was well and i got some sleep. i’m always going to backup my archives before this. MT has recommended it, but i never really listened. this call was too close for me not to respect the instructions in the future.

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