I real­ly like this redesign. Although for what­ev­er rea­son, IE doesn’t like pars­ing it like a nor­mal brows­er should. That is why there is an uncod­ed break between the flame ban­ner and the div con­tain­ing all the text. for what­ev­er rea­son as well, though the images are the same width as the div, the lay­er appears to be one or two pix­els longer. Only in IE that i have seen how­ev­er. The site looks per­fect in Fire­fox.

Some­thing hap­pened last night that scared the tar out of me and pissed me off at myself to no end. I uploaded the redesigned pages and when I ran the rebuild in MT, some mis­cod­ing on my part start­ed to eat my archives. I thought I had lost a full year of entries. I checked 5 or so ran­dom indi­vid­ual archive files and they all looked the same. the mas­ter archive index also linked to all dead files. thank­ful­ly i was saved by my dai­ly entry archives, which i have nev­er linked to but exist nonethe­less. once i calmed down and real­ized this, all was well and i got some sleep. i’m always going to back­up my archives before this. MT has rec­om­mend­ed it, but i nev­er real­ly lis­tened. this call was too close for me not to respect the instruc­tions in the future.