Rent Fest

Hollywood Video has this great coupon giz­mo go­ing on where you can rent up to three new re­leas­es for the full five days at 99 cents each. last night i rent­ed In the Cut, Lost in Translation, and Solaris for 5 days and a measly $3.21. with­out this won­der­ful coupon [a pile of which i have at my apart­ment] rent­ing one of the­se films would have cost me $3.79 plus tax. adding to this cool­ness is the fact that if i get In the Cut back to Hollywood Video be­fore mid­night tonight [ac­tu­al­ly i re­turned it this morn­ing] i gain $1 dol­lar of cred­it on my next pur­chase. this might not sound like hot shit to some of you, but when you are poor and like to watch as many movies as i do then it is ver’ ver’ nice.

In the Cut is on­ly the sec­ond Jane Campion film I have seen [the first one be­ing The Piano]. I liked the fem­i­nism of The Piano, but not of In the Cut. Every man seemed a rapist, every look di­rect­ed to­ward Meg Ryan was a vi­o­la­tion. It is hard to tell if any man is a good man un­til the very end. I’d have to watch The Piano and In the Cut again, and next to each oth­er to tell for sure, but I think Campion might just be re­hash­ing the same old thing again and again. [I think she had it right in The Piano ex­cept for the very end of the film.]

It seems like on­ly men care about look­ing in In the Cut. Meg Ryan and Jennifer Jason Leigh on­ly seem to care about ‘get­ting a dick in­side [them].’ The cam­era makes both male and fe­male bod­ies in­to beau­ti­ful things. In fact, the cam­era makes every­thing it sees in­to a beau­ti­ful thing. I’ve got no com­plaints in that re­spect. Campion knows how to pick her peo­ple. There is a lot of hand held, long lens, shal­low depth of field, blurred fo­cus stuff go­ing on that I think is sup­posed to re­flect the un­cer­tain­ty of the thriller gen­re. But for me it al­so seems to say, ‘I don’t know how to an­swer the ques­tions I’m ask­ing.’ Of course, Campion’s point could be that the ques­tions can’t be an­swered.

As a thriller [they don’t do much for me] it re­mind­ed me of any Scooby Doo episode. The vil­lain could be any of sev­er­al char­ac­ters and ends up be­ing one you nev­er re­al­ly ex­pect­ed. It was well done in the sense that I nev­er knew who it could be un­til I found out who it was. Its worth a watch, if just for how pret­ty it is to look at. I’d like to talk it over with my film the­o­ry pro­fes­sor. I might send her an email ask­ing if she has seen it. Kevin Bacon is in the film too.

Tonight I watch Solaris.

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  1. I prefer Tarkovsky’s ver­sion, but the one with George Clooney has two fac­tors I love. I LOVE the way its shot. The cin­e­matog­ra­phy is just plain beau­ti­ful. Also the sto­ry line and ac­tors are hi­lar­i­ous. Best com­e­dy of last year: so­lar­is. I have my so­lar­is kicks every on­ce in a while, how­ev­er I have not mem­o­rized all the lines yet.

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