Saves the Day

I’m somewhat back in the saddle when it comes to filmmaking. For the next two weeks, as my schedule allows, I am going to help out on a Super 16mm film called Saves the Day, which concerns itself with a boy who thinks his older brother is a superhero. I’m just a PA, and the position is unpaid, but this is only natural since no one in the Cleveland film community has any idea who the hell I am. [and, indeed, who the hell am I when it comes to filmmaking?]

Saves the Day is directed by a first timer — appropriately googly-​eyed over his film, but the D.P. is one of those guys who has been doing the film thing for so long that he doesn’t get ruffled easily. Everyone else seems to be the typical assortment of film folks, some stylish, some not, everyone constantly talking about sex, insinuation and innuendo galore. The sound guy acted like every other sound guy, the gaffer was more interested in hitting on the girls and finding crafty than replacing a burned bulb or finding a scrim. The camera assistants were like tribal shamans, aloof and privy to the mysteries of the camera [although I think everyone there was at least somewhat familiar with the Arriflex being used]. I was immediately at ease, since these are my people.

I have had a few ideas start to crawl ashore from the primordial ooze that is constantly sloshing around in my head. Whether or not their primitive lungs and flippers will permit them to evolve toward reality is another thing altogether. I am now getting the chance to see what other filmmakers are thinking about. It is nice nice.