we seem to spend much of our lives in tran­sit, or wait­ing. tedi­um. how many ways have we to take up all the list­less lim­i­nal states of devel­oped life? this entry for instance. portable video games, cell phones, cheap mag­a­zines and romance nov­els. the inter­net above all has become a redoubt for those afflict­ed with over­bear­ing ennui.

this is why just about every­thing can be found on the inter­net. cheap art seems to fes­ter when bore­dom is present. at least for me though, bore­dom kills what­ev­er artis­tic rush flows through me. a per­pet­u­al neap tide. words flow but mean­ing sinks into the abyss. 20,000 leagues into iner­tia. hur­ry up and wait. kill some time because when we don’t need it there is always too much.