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How to Play Double Bid Euchre Part I: Basic Gameplay

Players: Four people in teams of two. Your partner should sit across from you. Materials: A pinochle deck or the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine in all four suits from two regular decks of cards. This means each card will have a duplicate of itself. If you are already confused perhaps you should […]

About Schmidt

Screw Mock-a-Blog week. I’ve got more important things to write on. I watched About Schmidt last evening and it was alright. Definitely an old person’s movie. It was solidly put together with interesting shots but nothing fancy. Jack Nicholson made the movie. It is obvious why his performance got him nominated for so many awards. […]

Mock-a-Blog: Five Dollar Beer

Since no one has asked me to guest blog for them, despite my own willingness to whore out my prime location- URL with a view- virtual estate by letting others sully its sanctity with their infidel paws; I am going to mock a blog each day this week. Five Dollar Beer gets the first treatment. […]

Grandma’s 80th

This weekend was another whirlwind spently mostly in my car. I got home in Connersville at 8:30 Friday, ate dinner and then passed out. Saturday I was up at 7:30, ate breakfast, packed my car and went to Cambridge City to put some stuff in my mom’s antique booth. Then I continued on my way […]

Things To Do Before 30

Run a marathon. Spend a summer wandering through Europe. Write, sing and perform an original blues piece. Publish something I’ve written. Buy a classic automobile. Learn sign language. Find the right woman and get hitched. Initiate contact with my father. Buy a house. Direct a short film.

NCAA Fencing 2004

Today and tomorrow many of my teammates will be passing through Cleveland on a roadtrip out to Brandeis University for the NCAA Fencing Championships which are this weekend. Twice this week I have been invited to accompany my team out there. ‘Adam, we can pick you up early Friday and drop you back off on […]

The 47 Ronin

I finally finished watching Genroku chushingura [The 47 Ronin]. This film is considered one of the classic films of Japanese cinema and was directed by the always impressive Kenji Mizoguchi. The film was released in 1942 and was commissioned by the Japanese government to be a nationalist rhetoric in favor of war to realize Japanese […]


Each day I see men driving their cars like the dead. Tearing down the highway, sometimes I dream I am my grandfather in the 2nd World War. He sweats on Leyte and shoots at the Nips, as if he is his grandfather forced into the fens but still killing Saxons. A smooth-tongued Welshman who wishes […]

5 Sides of a Coin

Last night I was surprised with a ticket to see 5 Sides of a Coin at the Cleveland Film Festival. Directed by Paul Kell, this too-short documentary concerns itself with five areas of hip-hop: rappin’, scratchin’, breakin’, beatboxin’ and graffiti. I enjoyed the film for what it was, but I think it was lacking in […]

Living in the Moment

It is imperative that I keep myself busy. Excessive downtime tends to make me surly because I think about myself too much. I get lonesome and withdrawn, I feel cut off from society. When I’m out and about doing craziness, when I’m hanging with my friends, when I’m not stuck in my apartment, none of […]

Guest Blog: A Not so Album Review

hi everyone. im phil, adams friend that is stuck in connersville. ill get out one of these days. i thought and thought about what to do in here today, but i couldnt get anything together, so i just went through all my old notebooks and picked out something i wrote a long time ago (10-27-01 […]

St. Patrick’s Yesterday

Took the day off from work yesterday and celebrated the holiday with Liam and Mike, who were seniors when I was a freshman. I got my mop chopped at some weirdo wig salon [the hair looks fine thankfully] and then skedaddled over to Liam’s apartment for a breakfast of eggs and Jameson. I had to […]

Guest Blog: Political Biography

The Ranting of a (former) Kansan: or How I Became a Conservative Libertarian Communist. Well Adam asked for some sort of social-political post, so I?m going to rant on my political background, as a sort of foot in the door for future political rants in this space. First let me say that I am socially […]

Guest Blog: Book Review

My Book Review by Lauren Spisak The book I read is called Spike Mike Reloaded: A Guided Tour Across a Decade of American Independent Cinema by John Pierson and Kevin Smith. It is a good book. It is long though. I think like 400 pages. Can you believe it! In it they use big words […]

Forbidden Planet

I snagged Forbidden Planet from the library this weekend and watched it on Saturday. I also picked up Fellini’s Satyricon and Inagaki’s The 47 Ronin. Forbidden Planet is an excellent science-fiction movie. Apparently it is loosely based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest which happens to be my favorite of Billy’s plays. I grabbed it mostly because […]

On Loan

These are my books, fliks and CDs currently on loan to people I thought would be interested in them. The Shins – Chutes Too Narrow The Decemberists – Castaways and Cut-outs George P. Cosmatos – Tombstone Harlan Ellison, ed. – Dangerous Visions Kurt Vonnegut – Welcome to the Monkey House Braudy & Cohen, eds. – […]

Dastardly Dan

Today Organic Mechanic magazine brings you the first installment of the villainous side of our Heroes and Villains of the New Millennium Series. Previous interviews with Captain Spacepants and Sidekick Suck have now been linked to. Organic Mechanic: Dastardly Dan, that is an interesting name. How did you come up with Dastardly Dan? Dastardly Dan: […]


Caesar crossed the Rubicon 2053 years ago today. Unfortunately he did it on the 10th of January from what I can find, but for my purposes I’ll say he did it today.

Call for Guest Bloggers

I would like to have some people write some stuff for my blog because it amuses me and impresses me and lets me be lazy. It doesn’t matter if I know you or not. Some of these might be better written by someone who doesn’t know me at all. [#1] Shyness is discouraged. If you […]

Two Unrelated Reviews- Franz Ferdinand and the Riflemen

Franz Ferdinand’s [FF] self-titled album is released tomorrow and is very anticipated. I’ve been listening to it for about six weeks now due to certain connections I have. From what I’ve read they seem to get lumped in with The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and other neo-garage rockers. I think this is pretty spot-on but […]

The Weekend

The weekend went very well apart from it being spring break and me not seeing everyone i wanted to because of this. I got to eat at both Macri’s and CJ’s and actually slept on a mattress for the first time in three months. my computer is nearly three times better than it was since […]

Some things and what I miss about college.

i went to the Notre Dame Young Alumni Happy Hour last night and met a few other graduates. typically, i was the youngest, but i’ve always gotten along with those older than myself so it was no big deal. and now today i am driving to south bend in approximately two hours to see my […]

Musical Dustbin

My musical tastes change with the weather and seasons. I might have taken this down before but I’m doing it again. Just mark it up as a testament to the fallibility of human memory. …anyway The weather has warmed up a bit here in Cleveland and that means I am going back into the dustbin […]

The Great Purple Murple

Once Upon a Time there was a monster called the Great Purple Murple. You might have heard of the murple as a small rodentic pet, this was not that kind of murple. This beast was distinguished from the standard household murple by its gigantic size and overwhelming purpleness, and people feared it because of this. […]

Office Space

Today I am learning about MAP [Managing Accountability and Performance] Goals in a day-long training session for new hires. These are goals that we set for ourselves to accomplish over the next year. It is all a bunch of self-aggrandizing hoo-ha. We have to make up goals that fit with company goals, site goals and […]

Work Email No Work

The Microsoft Exchange Server is whack today at work, so no one has access to email or their calendars and schedules. It is a bit of a hassle because people don’t have all of the information that they need, but it has also created a subtly different atmosphere that is a welcome change. People are […]