Grandma’s 80th

This weekend was another whirlwind spently mostly in my car. I got home in Connersville at 8:30 Friday, ate dinner and then passed out. Saturday I was up at 7:30, ate breakfast, packed my car and went to Cambridge City to put some stuff in my mom’s antique booth. Then I continued on my way to Noblesville, stopping briefly to pick up some freshly baked Amish pies. I got to Noblesville [My second cousing Melissa riding with me] and unloaded. I did valet parking briefly as my grandmother’s friends arrived. A lot of old people. Grandma showed up around 3:15 and wasn’t surprised because apparently some of the people RSVPed their regrets to her instead of my aunt. Everyone visited for awhile then we ate and my uncles told some stories about grandma. Then I sat outside with the rest of the men until it was too dark and too cold to stay outside any longer. We came inside and my uncle Corbin and I laid the smack down on my grandma and Willard in two games of double-​bid Euchre. It doesn’t matter if it is my grandma’s 80th or not. If we are playing cards, no holds are barred. Then I passed out again [I got to sleep in actual beds for two nights in a row!] and woke up this morning around 7:30, showered, packed up mom’s car and then went to Mass. I left to come back to Cleveland from church and got back here around 3:10. I unloaded my car and went to the store. I’ve got to do laundry tonight and then pass out before work tomorrow. I wonder how the team did at NCAAs… I should check that next. This is all one paragraph because thats how my weekend felt.