Guest Blog: A Not so Album Review

hi every­one. im phil, adams friend that is stuck in con­nersville. ill get out one of these days. i thought and thought about what to do in here today, but i could­nt get any­thing togeth­er, so i just went through all my old note­books and picked out some­thing i wrote a long time ago (10–27-01 to be exact). i dont claim to be good, but here it is any­way.

hi. its me. you know me but you dont know who i am. i have so much to say to you, but no words to say it. i try and try and try to say some­thing, but noth­ing comes out. i try to write it, but noth­ing comes out. some­days its because of fear, some­days its because ive got a low self opin­ion, man. can you hear me? im talk­ing to you. again, you cant hear me. im not talk­ing out loud. its all in my head again. my eyes cant help but stare, but you dont know that. my heart reach­es out, but its stopped short by a lack of words. some­day soon i hope my heart can reach out all the way. i want to make a con­nec­tion.

there you go. its not too long, so i did­nt waste too much of your time. i was going to write a review of the album by the pieces, but i nev­er got around to that and it was crunch time. maybe ill do that one of these days.

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