Guest Blog: A Not so Album Review

hi everyone. im phil, adams friend that is stuck in connersville. ill get out one of these days. i thought and thought about what to do in here today, but i couldnt get anything together, so i just went through all my old notebooks and picked out something i wrote a long time ago (10-27-01 to be exact). i dont claim to be good, but here it is anyway.

hi. its me. you know me but you dont know who i am. i have so much to say to you, but no words to say it. i try and try and try to say something, but nothing comes out. i try to write it, but nothing comes out. somedays its because of fear, somedays its because ive got a low self opinion, man. can you hear me? im talking to you. again, you cant hear me. im not talking out loud. its all in my head again. my eyes cant help but stare, but you dont know that. my heart reaches out, but its stopped short by a lack of words. someday soon i hope my heart can reach out all the way. i want to make a connection.

there you go. its not too long, so i didnt waste too much of your time. i was going to write a review of the album by the pieces, but i never got around to that and it was crunch time. maybe ill do that one of these days.

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