Guest Blog: Book Review

My Book Review

by Lauren Spisak

The book I read is called Spike Mike Reloaded: A Guided Tour Across a Decade of American Independent Cinema by John Pierson and Kevin Smith. It is a good book. It is long though. I think like 400 pages. Can you believe it! In it they use big words that my mom has to explain to me sometimes, like “Cannes” and “independent” and “enterprise” and “usually.” But I am learning a lot about how people make movies. It is hard. Some people spend a lot of money on making a movie. Some people make movies about dumb things like the s-e-x word or about a guy named Roger. I have a friend named Roger. He is albino though. If I ever make a movie, it will be about robots. In my book they also talk about black people and something called “lesbians.” I have a friend who is black. Her name is Charlene. My mom said it is good to be nice to people of different colors. She also said “lesbians” are not right and will end up in h-e-l-l. I am afraid of lesbians. They sound mean. Mommy will not tell me what they are, but I am afraid one will hide under my bed at night and then sneak out when I fall asleep and eat me and my Mom will cry and lots of people will come to my funeral and they will say, “Poor Lauren. The lesbian got her.” But the man who wrote my book says lesbians make good movies, so maybe they aren’t TOO bad after all. Or maybe HE is a lesbian too! The book also has lots of things about money in it. I wish I had more money. I would buy lots of toys with it if I did–like a G.I. Joe doll or a Barbie (maybe one with growable hair!). Or I would make a movie about robots. 300 lady robots that take over the world! The main robot’s name would be Charlene and she would shoot fireballs from her eyes. The fireballs would not kill people though. It would just make them dance the robot-dance. Robots are cool. I have three dollars saved up right now. I hide it from my brother Petey. He ate two quarters I saved one time.