Guest Blog: Book Review

My Book Review

by Lau­ren Spisak

The book I read is called Spike Mike Reloaded: A Guid­ed Tour Across a Decade of Amer­i­can Inde­pen­dent Cin­e­ma by John Pier­son and Kevin Smith. It is a good book. It is long though. I think like 400 pages. Can you believe it! In it they use big words that my mom has to explain to me some­times, like “Cannes” and “inde­pen­dent” and “enter­prise” and “usu­al­ly.” But I am learn­ing a lot about how peo­ple make movies. It is hard. Some peo­ple spend a lot of mon­ey on mak­ing a movie. Some peo­ple make movies about dumb things like the s-e-x word or about a guy named Roger. I have a friend named Roger. He is albi­no though. If I ever make a movie, it will be about robots. In my book they also talk about black peo­ple and some­thing called “les­bians.” I have a friend who is black. Her name is Char­lene. My mom said it is good to be nice to peo­ple of dif­fer­ent col­ors. She also said “les­bians” are not right and will end up in h-e-l-l. I am afraid of les­bians. They sound mean. Mom­my will not tell me what they are, but I am afraid one will hide under my bed at night and then sneak out when I fall asleep and eat me and my Mom will cry and lots of peo­ple will come to my funer­al and they will say, “Poor Lau­ren. The les­bian got her.” But the man who wrote my book says les­bians make good movies, so maybe they aren’t TOO bad after all. Or maybe HE is a les­bian too! The book also has lots of things about mon­ey in it. I wish I had more mon­ey. I would buy lots of toys with it if I did–like a G.I. Joe doll or a Bar­bie (maybe one with grow­able hair!). Or I would make a movie about robots. 300 lady robots that take over the world! The main robot’s name would be Char­lene and she would shoot fire­balls from her eyes. The fire­balls would not kill peo­ple though. It would just make them dance the robot-dance. Robots are cool. I have three dol­lars saved up right now. I hide it from my broth­er Petey. He ate two quar­ters I saved one time.