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The Ranting of a (for­mer) Kansan: or How I Became a Conservative Libertarian Communist.

Well Adam asked for some sort of so­cial-po­lit­i­cal post, so I?m go­ing to rant on my po­lit­i­cal back­ground, as a sort of foot in the door for fu­ture po­lit­i­cal rants in this space.

First let me say that I am so­cial­ly fair­ly con­ser­v­a­tive. This im­me­di­ate­ly seems to get me la­beled as a Republican. Which is some­thing I tend to hate, be­cause Republicans are way too ra­bid to­ward abor­tion and the death penal­ty for my taste. This is where my strong lib­er­tar­i­an streak comes in. I don?t be­lieve that the Government should in­sert it­self in­to our lives. Which is to say that while I be­lieve that abor­tion is wrong, I?m not go­ing to go out and bomb a clin­ic or make a big push to make it il­le­gal. I al­so am op­posed to gay mar­riage, but on­ly in the sense that mar­riage is a re­li­gious in­sti­tu­tion. I be­lieve that the gov­ern­ment can make a le­gal ?union? but not a mar­riage. So I think that if you are ho­mo­sex­u­al and you want to ?mar­ry? then you just need to be a part of a church that be­lieves in that sort of thing and you can get mar­ried and the gov­ern­ment should rec­og­nize the union in the same way that my mar­riage is rec­og­nized by the state of Kansas (and all oth­er states via the due faith and cred­it clause of the con­sti­tu­tion). It is eas­i­er to say that I live a con­ser­v­a­tive lifestyle in gen­er­al and I do not preach my­self as su­pe­ri­or (but yet I preach thus the post), nor do I wish to im­part my be­liefs on any­one (out­side of my fam­i­ly of course). 

The Libertarian as­pect has al­ready been touched on in the above para­graph, but I?m go­ing to ex­pand on these be­liefs a bit as well. I be­lieve in free­dom and lib­er­ty as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. I think that a large, cen­tral­ized gov­ern­ment is a bad thing. The Federal gov­ern­ment should de­volve much of it?s pow­er back to the states and the lo­cal gov­ern­ment. I feel that the peo­ple should be free to ex­press their ideas, prac­tice their be­liefs, and be in­volved with their com­mu­ni­ty. I be­lieve that gov­ern­men­tal con­trol of people?s lives is al­most al­ways a bad thing. 

The one part of the my po­lit­i­cal agen­da that runs con­trary to my oth­er be­liefs is the com­mu­nism part. By com­mu­nism, I am not talk­ing Stalin, Lenin, the Red Menace, and com­mie pinko bas­tards. When I say com­mu­nism, I?m mean­ing it in more of a true com­mune sort of way. The gap be­tween the tru­ly wealthy and the rest of the peo­ple has stretched be­yond be­lief. The poor­est peo­ple in this coun­try can­not hope for a change in their sit­u­a­tion for sev­er­al gen­er­a­tions if they are lucky, they are beat down up­on by a very broad­ly de­fined mid­dle class. Middle class in this coun­try starts at be­ing ?fair­ly com­fort­able? (i.e. food on the ta­ble, roof over head) and runs all the way up to ?fair­ly wealthy?. This in­cludes peo­ple who say they are ?up­per mid­dle class?(Doctors, most lawyers and oth­er pro­fes­sion­als). The mid­dle class peo­ple can move a bit ei­ther up and down the lad­der, but it is much, much eas­i­er for them to fall in­to the ?poor? range. To be tru­ly wealthy you must al­so wield a great deal of pow­er. I?m not just talk­ing about po­lit­i­cal pow­er like the Bush fam­i­ly, but al­so pow­er to con­trol the me­dia, and the pow­er to keep politi­cians in their pock­ets. The last 24 years have seen a schism in how the ?lib­er­al? de­moc­rats and ?con­ser­v­a­tive? re­pub­li­cans do busi­ness. The de­moc­rats (Clinton) did more to reign in na­tion­al debt and out of con­trol spend­ing, while the re­pub­li­cans (Reagan, Bushes) have been ir­re­spon­si­ble and in­creased spend­ing and cut tax­es on the rich. 

If Adam lets me come back to do an­oth­er ap­pear­ance, I will point out how, while 20 years lat­er than pre­dict­ed, many of the items in Orwell?s 1984 are clos­er than you think.

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  1. I’ll set my war feel­ings aside for the mo­ment (that’s part of the 1984 post). I’m not ex­act­ly against bush per se. More like against the cur­rent sys­tem. I think the found­ing fa­thers would re­coil in hor­ror to see what be­came of their gov­ern­ment. The checks and bal­ances sys­tem isn’t work­ing and the 10th amend­ment is be­ing treat­ed so bad, that if it were not part of the orginal Bill of Rights, it prob­a­bly would have been re­moved long ago. (The 10th amend­ment ba­si­cal­ly states that all pow­ers not men­tioned in the con­sti­tu­tion are re­served for the states). ok enough rant­i­ng from me for now…this isn’t a po­lit­i­cal blog.

  2. One ques­tion: why do you con­sid­er mar­riage a strict­ly RELIGIOUS in­sti­tu­tion? A mar­riage is on­ly “le­gal” when it has been rec­og­nized by the state, not the church. Right?

  3. Marriage was at one point a com­plete­ly Religious in­sti­tu­tion. Then gov­ern­ments be­gan to get in­volved with mar­riage, which at the time was fine since there was lit­tle to no seper­a­tion of church and state. To me the ar­gue­ments that are go­ing on now could be cleaned up if you de­fine “mar­riage” as a re­li­gious item that al­so hap­pens to con­fer state “union”. The main rea­son why so many peo­ple want same-sex mar­riage is le­gal sta­tus and rights. I do not think they should be de­nied these rights. This is part of that strong lib­er­tar­i­an streak, you shouldn’t de­ny any­one equal rights. I think it would qui­et down a lot of the peo­ple against same sex mar­riage. Really the on­ly rea­son why it has legs right now is that it could cost a lot of em­ploy­ers and in­sur­ance com­pa­nies some se­ri­ous mon­ey to cov­er same sex part­ners. In this case,their in­ter­ests just coat­tail nice­ly with the rad­i­cal fun­da­men­tal­ist cris­tians who want to burn babykillers, fags, and crim­i­nals.

  4. Thumbs up, you pre­sent­ed a brief com­ment re­gard­ing your po­lit­i­cal views/​theories/​beliefs well. Not many peo­ple can. I am in­ter­est­ed to hear your 1984 con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries so Adam that is one vote in fa­vor. Although since this is my first time on this I am not sure if it is a democ­ra­cy?

    For those in­ter­est­ed in some truth type this url in:

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