Musical Dustbin

My mu­si­cal tastes change with the weath­er and sea­sons. I might have tak­en this down be­fore but I’m do­ing it again. Just mark it up as a tes­ta­ment to the fal­li­bil­i­ty of hu­man mem­o­ry. …any­way

The weath­er has warmed up a bit here in Cleveland and that means I am go­ing back in­to the dust­bin of my CD col­lec­tion and break­ing out the old stuff. This week in my CD case I have Stone Temple Pilots’ Core, Lenny Kravitz’s Are You Gonna Go My Way, Classic Queen, Pink Floyd The Wall, U2 The Joshua Tree, and David Bowie’s The Man Who Sold the World and Aladdin Sane. These are all al­bums that I as­so­ciate with the on­set of spring­time [Core al­so reap­pears in au­tumn]. In sum­mer­time I tend to lis­ten to Toadies Rubberneck, lots of old Metallica and Billy Joel. Going from late sum­mer un­til the first snows I lis­ten to The Smashing Pumpkins al­most ex­clu­sive­ly, es­pe­cial­ly Adore. During win­ter I lis­ten to just about every­thing, but most­ly in win­ter I find new mu­sic to lis­ten to.

Some al­bums I al­so as­so­ciate with cer­tain events in my life. I can’t lis­ten to Cake’s Prolonging the Magic with­out think­ing of the last few weeks of my se­nior year. I can’t lis­ten to Rubberneck with­out think­ing about cross-coun­try. I don’t re­al­ly have any al­bums from col­lege apart from the first Shins re­lease Oh, Inverted World that re­mind me of a time or a place. I sup­pose this is mu­si­cal taste wasn’t a fresh thing for me in col­lege, al­though I learned a lot dur­ing that time, I didn’t have the fresh­ness that lis­ten­ing to some ran­dom thing gave me back in the days of high school.

4 thoughts on “Musical Dustbin

  1. “And I dub thee un­for­giv­en…”
    Strangely, Metallica al­ways re­minds me of my fresh­man year in High School. What my trou­ble-mak­er friends lis­tened to.
    My se­nior year..well, that would be like “Floodlands” by Sisters of Mercy, or some­thing 😉

  2. When I hear Enter Sandman I think of the smurf’s song and 5 am.…It’s a long story…ask me some­time when I can tell it prop­er­ly.

  3. Weirdly enough, the al­bums I can’t lis­ten to with­out be­ing re­mind­ed of (not so great) times in high school are:
    Metallica — Metallica (the one with “Unforgiven” on it);
    any Faith No More al­bum;
    Facelift — Alice in Chains.

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