Musical Dustbin

My musi­cal tastes change with the weath­er and sea­sons. I might have tak­en this down before but I’m doing it again. Just mark it up as a tes­ta­ment to the fal­li­bil­i­ty of human mem­o­ry. …any­way

The weath­er has warmed up a bit here in Cleve­land and that means I am going back into the dust­bin of my CD col­lec­tion and break­ing out the old stuff. This week in my CD case I have Stone Tem­ple Pilots’ Core, Lenny Kravitz’s Are You Gonna Go My Way, Clas­sic Queen, Pink Floyd The Wall, U2 The Joshua Tree, and David Bowie’s The Man Who Sold the World and Aladdin Sane. These are all albums that I asso­ciate with the onset of spring­time [Core also reap­pears in autumn]. In sum­mer­time I tend to lis­ten to Toad­ies Rub­ber­neck, lots of old Metal­li­ca and Bil­ly Joel. Going from late sum­mer until the first snows I lis­ten to The Smash­ing Pump­kins almost exclu­sive­ly, espe­cial­ly Adore. Dur­ing win­ter I lis­ten to just about every­thing, but most­ly in win­ter I find new music to lis­ten to.

Some albums I also asso­ciate with cer­tain events in my life. I can’t lis­ten to Cake’s Pro­long­ing the Mag­ic with­out think­ing of the last few weeks of my senior year. I can’t lis­ten to Rub­ber­neck with­out think­ing about cross-coun­try. I don’t real­ly have any albums from col­lege apart from the first Shins release Oh, Invert­ed World that remind me of a time or a place. I sup­pose this is musi­cal taste wasn’t a fresh thing for me in col­lege, although I learned a lot dur­ing that time, I didn’t have the fresh­ness that lis­ten­ing to some ran­dom thing gave me back in the days of high school.

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  • And I dub thee unfor­giv­en…”
    Strange­ly, Metal­li­ca always reminds me of my fresh­man year in High School. What my trou­ble-mak­er friends lis­tened to.
    My senior year..well, that would be like “Flood­lands” by Sis­ters of Mer­cy, or some­thing 😉

  • When I hear Enter Sand­man I think of the smurf’s song and 5 am.…It’s a long story…ask me some­time when I can tell it prop­er­ly.

  • Weird­ly enough, the albums I can’t lis­ten to with­out being remind­ed of (not so great) times in high school are:
    Metal­li­ca — Metal­li­ca (the one with “Unfor­giv­en” on it);
    any Faith No More album;
    Facelift — Alice in Chains.

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