NCAA Fencing 2004

Today and tomorrow many of my teammates will be passing through Cleveland on a roadtrip out to Brandeis University for the NCAA Fencing Championships which are this weekend. Twice this week I have been invited to accompany my team out there. ‘Adam, we can pick you up early Friday and drop you back off on Monday.’ or ‘Hey, man I’m coming through Cleveland tomorrow and I’ve got an extra seat.’

It frustrated me terribly to say no. I want to go root them on, I want to be there and help them fight. We didn’t qualify the full 12 this year. Men’s epee only got one in. The midwestern region is starting to get alot more competitive than in the past. I don’t know if we have a chance to win this year, it is always so very close. I wish I was going to be there with my video camera and I wish I was going to make the end of the year video for the team as I did in the past.

I miss being on a team. I miss fencing with my friends. I miss team dinners at Bruno’s and team parties and tailgates. I miss the glory. Now I’ve got a job in CubicleLand® and bills and ‘responsibility.’ I’ve also got to head to Indiana for my Grandmother’s 80th birthday this weekend. That should be a good time, seeing the family and all. At the same time I wish I was going to be at Brandeis.

Mary, Queen of Victory, pray for us. Go Irish on three. 1…2…3.

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