Office Space

Today I am learning about MAP [Managing Accountability and Performance] Goals in a day-long training session for new hires. These are goals that we set for ourselves to accomplish over the next year. It is all a bunch of self-aggrandizing hoo-ha. We have to make up goals that fit with company goals, site goals and team goals while still walking the fine line between coming up with goals that can be accomplished individually. I don’t want to have a goal of world domination for example, because that is unrealistic for one year. At the same time, starting up a totalitarian dictatorship in my cube is on the other extreme, way to easy. So perhaps enslaving the members of my team and binding them to my will is a realistic goal.

It all reminds me of that scene in Office Space where Bill Lumbergh is discussing the use of two different time sheets and then introduces the Bobs. I’ve got that article by Derrida that was recommended the other day to read when things get boring. Time to go.

6 thoughts on “Office Space

  1. Every day I feel like I’m in that movie, or perhaps a soap opera version of it. ….As the OIT turns….

  2. Ah..

    blows ASS!!!

    Have they made you take the “it’s all about you”
    class yet?

  3. luckily, i didnt get a job in a cubicle. i have my own little cozy office. counseling wouldnt really work in a cubicle anyway.

  4. I know I will never work in a cubicle, or with a “team” of others, or even in a traditional office. I RULE!

  5. Dude, Neal, my friend. You just damned yourself. Because I’m sure each one of us was saying the same damn thing before we started working in cubicle-land. And yet… here we are.

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