St. Patrick’s Yesterday

Took the day off from work yesterday and celebrated the holiday with Liam and Mike, who were seniors when I was a freshman. I got my mop chopped at some weirdo wig salon [the hair looks fine thankfully] and then skedaddled over to Liam’s apartment for a breakfast of eggs and Jameson. I had to show Liam how to crack and egg and make them over-easy. He broke the yolks. After Jameson and eggs we went to the Exchange and checked out the CDs and DVDs – that lasted about fifteen minutes. We headed over to the RTA to take the train downtown. The ride costs $1.50 but the teller won’t provide change. So really, the ride cost $2.00. The platform and train itself was inundated with drunken horny high school kids. Directly in front of us were two couples who were liplocked pretty much the whole time. It was pretty obvious they were enjoying being spectacles. High school was never fun like that for me.

When the train finally stopped and everyone burst from the doors Liam, Mike, and I headed toward Flannery’s with the intention of having a brew or two and going to watch the parade. Three hours later, after being accosted by some folks we met at the Halloween party and after a few drinks we saw the last two lame floats of the parade. Something called Weed Man, and the Ohio State Buckeyes semi. Whoop-dee-shit. We grabbed a couple of dirty-water dogs from a street vendor [ketchup, mustard and stank sauerkraut on mine] and went to Panini’s to see if Liam could get free Linkin Park tickets for being in the military. Panini’s was like any college bar, rowdy with cheap beer. I did get a 4oz shot of orange Stoli for the price of a regular shot though. While we were there a fight broke out. Liam didn’t get his tickets, which, although I wish he had gotten tickets – I still hate Linkin Park. Yes, that was a terribly constructed sentence.

We met up with Craig, a lifelong friend of Liam’s who was also from Long Island but is now living in Michigan near Mike. Try to figure that one out. We had some more to drink and finally I reached drunkenness. Then we piled into Craig’s car [he only had one] and went back to Liam’s apartment to wait for his wife Ann to get home and drive us around for more drinking. During this time I decided to use a day of dispensation and I had chocolate brownies and chocolate Girl Scout cookies. They weren’t very good. I hope this isn’t because I haven’t had chocolate in a very long time. I’m going to blame it on all the alcohol I’d had. When Ann showed up I found out that she was pregnant and after the congratulations we went to Sullivan’s. By this time I was starting to get tired so I bailed from Sullivan’s and went home. Then I burned a CD, talked on the phone for a bit and went to sleep. I’ll post the three or four pictures I took when I get home later today.

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  1. I can’t believe the guy who just POSTED IT ON THE GODDAMNED INTERNET just said that. I already told Amy as soon as I read it, I dunno if she told Stone or not.

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