The Weekend

The weekend went very well apart from it being spring break and me not seeing everyone i wanted to because of this. I got to eat at both Macri’s and CJ’s and actually slept on a mattress for the first time in three months. my computer is nearly three times better than it was since jeremy hooked me up with an extra 17GB harddrive two 128MB DIMs and another DVD-CD drive. i can now download oodles more music and samurai jack episodes. i got to visit with steve a bit and catch up with everything that is going on with him. he sounds like he is actually happy with the situation of his life for once. on my way out from visiting him he handed me an O Brother Where Art Thou DVD since he apparently had two for some reason.

As for fencing, it was great seeing the people who were there and hadn’t taken off for spring break. it was also strange seeing all the new people on the team and watch them interact with the people i knew. it sort of made me feel like i was obsolete [as i am]. it was a very good time.

One thought on “The Weekend

  1. No problem. I need to clean out some of the computer parts that were sitting about in that room. I should probably toss out the broken parts, but I haven’t had a time to test all of it. Thanks for the music by the way. It’s always good to get an infusion of new stuff.

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