The Weekend

The week­end went very well apart from it be­ing spring break and me not see­ing every­one i want­ed to be­cause of this. I got to eat at both Macri’s and CJ’s and ac­tu­al­ly slept on a mat­tress for the first time in three months. my com­put­er is near­ly three times bet­ter than it was since je­re­my hooked me up with an ex­tra 17GB hard­drive two 128MB DIMs and an­oth­er DVD-CD dri­ve. i can now down­load oo­dles more mu­sic and samu­rai jack episodes. i got to vis­it with steve a bit and catch up with every­thing that is go­ing on with him. he sounds like he is ac­tu­al­ly hap­py with the sit­u­a­tion of his life for once. on my way out from vis­it­ing him he hand­ed me an O Brother Where Art Thou DVD since he ap­par­ent­ly had two for some rea­son.

As for fenc­ing, it was great see­ing the peo­ple who were there and hadn’t tak­en off for spring break. it was al­so strange see­ing all the new peo­ple on the team and watch them in­ter­act with the peo­ple i knew. it sort of made me feel like i was ob­so­lete [as i am]. it was a very good time.

One thought on “The Weekend

  1. No prob­lem. I need to clean out some of the com­put­er parts that were sit­ting about in that room. I should prob­a­bly toss out the bro­ken parts, but I haven’t had a time to test all of it. Thanks for the mu­sic by the way. It’s al­ways good to get an in­fu­sion of new stuff.

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