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The Microsoft Exchange Server is whack today at work, so no one has access to email or their calendars and schedules. It is a bit of a hassle because people don’t have all of the information that they need, but it has also created a subtly different atmosphere that is a welcome change. People are actually talking to each other, having conversations, organizing through face-to-face instead of the impersonality of email. While it seems like most of us welcome the chance to actually hear a voice and bond with each other, there is still a bit of awkwardness, at least on my part. i find myself a little hesitant to make eye contact, and more conscious of my comportment. there is no water cooler to chat by here and cubes are divisionary to say the least, but today at least i have some human contact at work.

6 thoughts on “Work Email No Work

  1. I’ve actually found it a bit maddening 😉 I keep my whole workflow organized with my e-mails, so not having it, I can’t do much o’ anything.

    One wonders why it takes all day to bring an exchange server back up.

    But I digress..
    Shoot, between this and my post on Lauren’s blog, don’t i look like the crabby ass today? 😉

  2. its all good. we can always use this to communicate if we know each other’s shared name

    from the command line:
    net send /username/ text


  3. Is this a problem with some of the new worm varients out there? I heard exchange server was particularly vunerable to this one. As someone who sends out 20-40 (and gets 100-200+) emails on an average work day, I would really hate to see how nasty lack of email can get.

  4. well i get slapped less when i send emails lauren.

    jmay, its possible, this place doesn’t have very good security protection.

  5. Strangely, I think I get slapped *more* when I send e-mails. They tend to lack the “sweet disposition” that I have in real life 😉

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