Bedside Ontology

The moments right before I fall asleep are my most thought­ful moments of the day. It is when I get philo­soph­i­cal or, more often, obtuse. Some­times this hap­pens in the show­er in the morn­ings but not reg­u­lar­ly. There is some­thing about hav­ing my mind in this lim­i­nal state that lets my sub­con­cious and con­scious work in uni­son. Unfor­tu­nate­ly a byprod­uct of this state is a com­plete inabil­i­ty to recall what I thought about the next morn­ing. If I real­ly want to recall some­thing I have to wake myself up just enough to com­mit the pos­tu­late to mem­o­ry. Oth­er­wise I just remem­ber bits and pieces. Last night for instance, I know I was think­ing some pret­ty inter­est­ing things in regard to the onto­log­i­cal argu­ment but oth­er than that I have no idea what the hell I was think­ing. I wish I had tak­en a for­mal log­ic class in col­lege because I have the def­i­nite feel­ing I’m con­fus­ti­cat­ing things quite impres­sive­ly. Per­haps its a good thing I can’t remem­ber any of it, oth­er­wise I might open my mouth and show my fool­ish­ness.

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  • Well some of those pic­tures are. Not all of them. One thing trou­bles me about this though. If it is pic­tures of the crew, where is the Israli flag? Wasn’t one of the crew mem­bers from there? Do they have an explaina­tion for that? Not that I don’t believe that they might have acci­dent­ly got­ten some of the pho­tos in their FOIA request.

  • more coments from me:
    1.) I added my oth­er han­dle here I guess..opps
    2.) Upon fur­ther review the pic­ture on the page you linked to inques­tion can­not pos­si­bly be of the astro­nauts unless they only con­tain pieces of astro­naut. The shut­tle couldn’t pos­si­bly hold 20 Amer­i­cans. Also still miss­ing the jew­ish guy, though I think he end­ed up get­ting flown back over and bur­ried in Tel Aviv or some­thing.

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