Bedside Ontology

The moments right before I fall asleep are my most thoughtful moments of the day. It is when I get philosophical or, more often, obtuse. Sometimes this happens in the shower in the mornings but not regularly. There is something about having my mind in this liminal state that lets my subconcious and conscious work in unison. Unfortunately a byproduct of this state is a complete inability to recall what I thought about the next morning. If I really want to recall something I have to wake myself up just enough to commit the postulate to memory. Otherwise I just remember bits and pieces. Last night for instance, I know I was thinking some pretty interesting things in regard to the ontological argument but other than that I have no idea what the hell I was thinking. I wish I had taken a formal logic class in college because I have the definite feeling I’m confusticating things quite impressively. Perhaps its a good thing I can’t remember any of it, otherwise I might open my mouth and show my foolishness.

5 thoughts on “Bedside Ontology

  1. Well some of those pictures are. Not all of them. One thing troubles me about this though. If it is pictures of the crew, where is the Israli flag? Wasn’t one of the crew members from there? Do they have an explaination for that? Not that I don’t believe that they might have accidently gotten some of the photos in their FOIA request.

  2. more coments from me:
    1.) I added my other handle here I guess..opps
    2.) Upon further review the picture on the page you linked to inquestion cannot possibly be of the astronauts unless they only contain pieces of astronaut. The shuttle couldn’t possibly hold 20 Americans. Also still missing the jewish guy, though I think he ended up getting flown back over and burried in Tel Aviv or something.

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