Free Concert Friday

So, be­cause I have de­vel­oped a few con­nec­tions through my work and have start­ed writ­ing mu­sic re­views for Urban Dialect, I have now had guestlist ac­cess to two shows that I would oth­er­wise had to pay for. Last night I waltzed in to the Grog Shop to see Waiting For Evangeline, Murder By Death! and Rasputina. The evening cost me $6.25: I bought a Woodchick and left a tip and paid me­tered park­ing. Not a bad deal for three and a half hours of mu­sic.

Waiting for Evangeline is based out of Akron. They were bet­ter than Yellowcard but I kin­da got the feel­ing that they hadn’t set­tled down on their own par­tic­u­lar style yet. They had some re­al­ly nice riffs but every time the lead singer screamed I want­ed to laugh. It needs some work. They were all busi­ness though and the crowd seemed to like them well enough. I grabbed the band’s stick­er af­ter­ward to add to my gui­tar case. No gui­tar case is com­plete un­less it is cov­ered with ran­dom band stick­ers.

Murder By Death! was the band my cowork­er is good friends with. They all went to col­lege to­geth­er and she was at their first show ever and first road show. They had a cel­list and key­boards in ad­di­tion to the gui­tar, bass, drumk­it com­bo. They were pret­ty good and they im­pressed the crowd. A cou­ple of times the sound mal­func­tioned slight­ly but it didn’t slow them down at all.

Rasputina was re­al­ly good. I have come to the con­clu­sion from watch­ing the cel­list in MbD and the ladies of Raspy that the cel­los is a mighty sexy in­stru­ment when played by a girl. It is al­so ca­pa­ble of be­ing more met­al than I’d thought cel­los could be. Melora in­tro­duced their songs with quirky lit­tle anec­dotes and then they would play and cre­ate wicked cool sound­scapes. They al­so cov­ered Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll, an amaz­ing ver­sion of Heart’s Barracuda and CCR’s Bad Moon Rising. They al­so made every­one sit down so that every­one would be able to see them per­form.

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  1. Surely you’ve heard the band of chel­los that play Metallica and oth­er Metal right? If you haven’t you should check them out very cool. I just can’t think of their name right now. They do a ver­sion of Fade to Black it is very, very cool.

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