I, Robot Yarf

i’m not updating much because this week is crazy busy for me. i saw a preview for I, Robot last night which pissed me off to no end because it is so far removed from what Isaac Asimov wrote that it is nothing more than a Matrix-​like spinoff with Will Smith and a classic title.

UPDATE: here is the account of the dream i had last night. its verbatim from an email.

well i was a guest/​prisoner in an invented dream friend’s father’s house. his father was willem dafoe and he was animalistically cruel and maybe a bit cultish. his wife was evil too but i can’t recall which celebrity she was. so i was in the back yard and my vision was pretty heavily obscured by foliage. suddenly i see s dismembered bobcat head being dragged across the ground. its not really gruesome despite flagella shaped viscera/​medusa like hair splayed all around it. so i turn around and there is this python eating the head and then a notice that there are maybe 4 other snakes around me. all of them are vaguely dangerous to humans snakes. willem dafoe is there saying something appropriately menacing in that ‘you are under my power’ tone. his wife joins him and they make out for a couple of seconds. then i decide i’ve got to escape so i pretend like i’m getting along with them while i plan to leave. when i sneak out to my car [suddenly willem dafoe is MY father except i’m still the same person in the garden and all that] he appears and sorta knows what i’m doing. i think he is going to kill me. i say something that apparently distracts him even though i’m the one who doesn’t know wtf is going on. so i want to get in my car but the driveway has my grandpa’s fishing boat in it and a bunch of other cars. so i have to go beat up the valet, and suddenly i am the valet and i move a couple of cars and get into mine and drive into the boat. willem dafoe is going to get me soon. then i back out of the driveway and leave.

the dream was quite strange because one moment i would have the ‘i’m in danger’ feeling and the next moment i would feel like everything was normal.