Job Hunt Redux

After I got my car ser­viced and a belt re­placed to­day I went around get­ting ap­pli­ca­tions for a part-time job. I snagged apps from Waldenbooks and Suncoast and ap­plied at Target. What I’ve got my sights set on, how­ev­er, is a job as a pro­jec­tion­ist at a movie the­ater. I’m not sure how to go about do­ing that or even if a part-time pro­jec­tion­ist is a vi­able job op­por­tu­ni­ty but I’m sure as hell gonna damn well try. In oth­er news, ExpressMen still has sweet clothes.

3 thoughts on “Job Hunt Redux

  1. Try the art house the­atres. I used to work box of­fice (both at the movie the­atre and live events the­atre at an art the­atre in Durham), and all our pro­jec­tion­ists were part time evening and week­end peo­ple who had full time day jobs.

  2. I love Express now! Kerri had a job there over Christmas so we got a dis­count and now I have tons of clothes from there.…I am such a clothes whore.……

  3. holy shit. bo, how the hell are you and ker­ri? i’m get­ting to be a clothes whore too, but who cares. ‘i was drunk and it was my birth­day any­way…’

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