Job Hunt Redux

After I got my car serviced and a belt replaced today I went around getting applications for a part-time job. I snagged apps from Waldenbooks and Suncoast and applied at Target. What I’ve got my sights set on, however, is a job as a projectionist at a movie theater. I’m not sure how to go about doing that or even if a part-time projectionist is a viable job opportunity but I’m sure as hell gonna damn well try. In other news, ExpressMen still has sweet clothes.

3 thoughts on “Job Hunt Redux

  1. Try the art house theatres. I used to work box office (both at the movie theatre and live events theatre at an art theatre in Durham), and all our projectionists were part time evening and weekend people who had full time day jobs.

  2. I love Express now! Kerri had a job there over Christmas so we got a discount and now I have tons of clothes from there….I am such a clothes whore…….

  3. holy shit. bo, how the hell are you and kerri? i’m getting to be a clothes whore too, but who cares. ‘i was drunk and it was my birthday anyway…’

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