Last Chance Saloon

The Haiku con­test ends to­mor­row. This is your last chance to sub­mit en­tries. Some of you have on­ly sub­mit­ted one haiku so you can sub­mit one more. Others [B?rd, Phil, epm] have not sub­mit­ted any­thing. You, I think, are com­mies. So click on the damn con­test pic­ture over on the side and sub­mit some­thing. Winner is an­nounced on Monday. Here are a cou­ple more haiku.

across the build­ing
my sweet red­head­ed heartache
wears her hook­er boots

me plus you equals
heart mi­nus mind di­vid­ed
mul­ti­plied by spring

who needs a gim­mick
a face like a baboon’s butt
is enough for me

three birds in the sky
hot dog buns and tater tots
wa­ter­mel­on pie

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