Random Is As Random Ever Was

So I was across the street eat­ing lunch in the cafe­te­ria with some cowork­ers when, out of nowhere, I run into Chris Siko­rs­ki, a bud­dy of mine from col­lege. The last I had heard from him he was work­ing for the SEC in Chica­go; he still is, and was in Cleve­land doing an ‘exam­i­na­tion’ [not ‘inves­ti­ga­tion,’ mind]. He couldn’t tell me the specifics and I didn’t real­ly care to hear them any­way. We trad­ed num­bers and then last night I took him for a few pints at the Pub­lic House on Lorain. I’d nev­er been there but I’d heard good things. It was dis­ap­point­ing how­ev­er. It was like any oth­er bar, appar­ent­ly they felt that a Guin­ness poster and a few Irish flags turned it into an approx­i­ma­tion of an old coun­try pub.

Chris gave me the down low on work at the SEC, appar­ent­ly his divi­sion does com­pli­ance [audits isn’t the right word but that is what it is, basi­cal­ly] of finan­cial advi­sors to make sure they are ful­fill­ing their oblig­a­tions of dis­clo­sure agree­ments and not breach­ing their con­tracts. Then the issue defi­cien­cy reports and tell the finan­cial advi­sors to fix it. So after all that work, the finan­cial advi­sors get a slap on the wrist. I gath­ered that most of the prob­lems are rather minor and are the result of neg­li­gence but since SEC com­pli­ance is such a big deal in the wake of Enron and all that hoo-ha his depart­ment has been hir­ing finance grad­u­ates like crazy.

I caught him up on my life too but I won’t tell you what I said because its all here in this thing.

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