Random Is As Random Ever Was

So I was across the street eating lunch in the cafeteria with some coworkers when, out of nowhere, I run into Chris Sikorski, a buddy of mine from college. The last I had heard from him he was working for the SEC in Chicago; he still is, and was in Cleveland doing an ‘examination’ [not ‘investigation,’ mind]. He couldn’t tell me the specifics and I didn’t really care to hear them anyway. We traded numbers and then last night I took him for a few pints at the Public House on Lorain. I’d never been there but I’d heard good things. It was disappointing however. It was like any other bar, apparently they felt that a Guinness poster and a few Irish flags turned it into an approximation of an old country pub.

Chris gave me the down low on work at the SEC, apparently his division does compliance [audits isn’t the right word but that is what it is, basically] of financial advisors to make sure they are fulfilling their obligations of disclosure agreements and not breaching their contracts. Then the issue deficiency reports and tell the financial advisors to fix it. So after all that work, the financial advisors get a slap on the wrist. I gathered that most of the problems are rather minor and are the result of negligence but since SEC compliance is such a big deal in the wake of Enron and all that hoo-ha his department has been hiring finance graduates like crazy.

I caught him up on my life too but I won’t tell you what I said because its all here in this thing.

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