Same Old Dog and Pony Show

So when I was talking with someone [ok it was my mother] over the weekend she once again raised a concern about my content on this thingy. She worries that my Mennonite uncle, who apparently reads this… actually I can’t even tell what she worries about because she just says ‘I read it and then I think about C______, he reads it…’

I sort of know what she is getting at, but because her objections are so ill-defined I’m inclined to toss them out the window. I think she feels that, because C______ is Mennonite, he needs some sort of special protection from crude language [for instance, when I write ‘fuck’ or ‘raisin-tittied’ or ‘corpuscle’] and other vulgar behaviors. Which is ridiculous. We live in the same world and pretending to be something I’m not is dishonest. I’d rather be vulgar than dishonest any day of the week, and twice as vulgar on sunday.

Do I say the kind of things I say in here in front of my family? No way. There isn’t much room for vulgarity or obscenity when I’m with my kin, and there is also no reason for me to feel the need to be that way, so I’m not. It isn’t like I am a different person, it is just that I know the time and place where certain behaviors are useful. Family time = respect.

Which doesn’t really bring me back to my point but I will pretend it does anyway. Visiting my site is voluntary, if you come to visit I expect you to put up with how I say things. I don’t have to be respectful to anything or anyone for any reason in this space. You can call me out on obvious blunders and misconceptions [like Matty and the pics of dead folks]. I welcome that stuff and will engage in it. But if you say one damn word complaining about what I write about or how I write about what I write about you can go to hell.

8 thoughts on “Same Old Dog and Pony Show

  1. My mennonite friend at work is not any less prone to outbursts of profanity than any other programmers I know….

  2. Um the ‘net is just like the TV, if you don’t like what you are watching change the channel or turn it off. Nobody is holding a gun to your head saying do this.

  3. kara, i should never have done so myself. i think she is going to stop visiting now. apparently no matter how old you get, mothers don’t stop telling their offspring how to do things.

  4. am I the only one whose mom reads my blog but doesn’t really find out anything I didn’t tell her myself on the phone?

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