Same Old Dog and Pony Show

So when I was talk­ing with some­one [ok it was my moth­er] over the week­end she on­ce again raised a con­cern about my con­tent on this thingy. She wor­ries that my Mennonite un­cle, who ap­par­ent­ly reads this… ac­tu­al­ly I can’t even tell what she wor­ries about be­cause she just says ‘I read it and then I think about C______, he reads it…’ 

I sort of know what she is get­ting at, but be­cause her ob­jec­tions are so ill-de­fined I’m in­clined to toss them out the win­dow. I think she feels that, be­cause C______ is Mennonite, he needs some sort of spe­cial pro­tec­tion from crude lan­guage [for in­stance, when I write ‘fuck’ or ‘rais­in-tit­tied’ or ‘cor­pus­cle’] and oth­er vul­gar be­hav­iors. Which is ridicu­lous. We live in the same world and pre­tend­ing to be some­thing I’m not is dis­hon­est. I’d rather be vul­gar than dis­hon­est any day of the week, and twice as vul­gar on sun­day.

Do I say the kind of things I say in here in front of my fam­i­ly? No way. There isn’t much room for vul­gar­i­ty or ob­scen­i­ty when I’m with my kin, and there is al­so no rea­son for me to feel the need to be that way, so I’m not. It isn’t like I am a dif­fer­ent per­son, it is just that I know the time and place where cer­tain be­hav­iors are use­ful. Family time = re­spect.

Which doesn’t re­al­ly bring me back to my point but I will pre­tend it does any­way. Visiting my site is vol­un­tary, if you come to vis­it I ex­pect you to put up with how I say things. I don’t have to be re­spect­ful to any­thing or any­one for any rea­son in this space. You can call me out on ob­vi­ous blun­ders and mis­con­cep­tions [like Matty and the pics of dead folks]. I wel­come that stuff and will en­gage in it. But if you say one damn word com­plain­ing about what I write about or how I write about what I write about you can go to hell.

8 thoughts on “Same Old Dog and Pony Show

  1. My men­non­ite friend at work is not any less prone to out­bursts of pro­fan­i­ty than any oth­er pro­gram­mers I know.…

  2. Um the ‘net is just like the TV, if you don’t like what you are watch­ing change the chan­nel or turn it off. Nobody is hold­ing a gun to your head say­ing do this.

  3. kara, i should nev­er have done so my­self. i think she is go­ing to stop vis­it­ing now. ap­par­ent­ly no mat­ter how old you get, moth­ers don’t stop telling their off­spring how to do things.

  4. am I the on­ly one whose mom reads my blog but doesn’t re­al­ly find out any­thing I didn’t tell her my­self on the phone?

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