Show Tonight

Tonight I’m going to see Sub­lim­i­nal Self at the Hi-Fi club. Five Dol­lar Beer is part of this musi­cal cre­ation so I expect most of the songs to be about world foods.

I was teamed up upon yes­ter­day by those who I thought were my friends. They tried to con­vince me that tonight’s show was also a cos­tume par­ty. They did not have me con­vinced, but nei­ther was I com­plete­ly sure they were lying. [Of course they were lying] They wouldn’t give me a straight answer so I end­ed up find­ing out for my own self. Thank­ful­ly I’m not any more gullible or I would have actu­al­ly believed it. They would have let me show up in my dol­phin suit too. Some friends. Bas­tards. I’ll be the one laugh­ing tonight when none of their equip­ment works.