Weekend Thoughts

I’m sick so this entry might be a bit more erratic than usual. My internet is still down at my apartment, and has been so since Friday. Cox said they had no room this weekend to send someone out to take care of it. The only two possibilities that come to mind for why I cannot connect are either my cable modem is hosed or the cable itself was turned off. The tech support wasn’t much help. I’m pretty bereft without the internet at home. It is the only thing that I have for entertainment purposes. I pay 50 bucks a month for the service which is pretty shoddy but it is the only broadband service offered in the area. If the problem is with my modem, I’m not going to buy another one from them I’m going to make them give me one for free, since I’ve only had the one U have now for 5 months.

Friday night I went out to Coventry and had a blast browsing all the cool things over that way. I had sushi at Pacific East a glass of something French at the Wine Cellar and listened to a band called Solo Flyer at the Grog Shop. The Grog Shop is going to be a place I visit much more often. Saturday I drove out to Notre Dame and visited briefly with Jeremy and his family. Then I had brunch at Bibler’s and went to the UP mall briefly. I saw some kickass shirts and ties in ExpressMen but damn if those clothes aren’t a bit too expensive for my taste. $45 bucks for a shirt is a little pricey on my salary. I stayed at a friend’s parent’s place and was the most allergic I’ve been in the presence of cats in years. I was pretty much incapacitated. I think that is also a contributing factor to my current sickness. Saturday evening I had an Indian dinner. Sunday I met my friend Monica for Mass and had an all too short visit with her. Then I went to Meagan’s BFA opening [the reason for going to ND this weekend]. It was good and I ran in to some old professor friends Jill Godmilow and Marjorie Kinsey. Meagan’s stuff looked really good, I liked it better than most of the other things. Then I hit the road back to Cleveland and went to bed with a fever about an hour after getting home.

I’ve received some very nice compliments this past weekend. I was asked if I have ever considered writing as a profession and Marjorie told me that whatever I end up doing will be inspiring and a gift to others providing I am doing something that gives me joy. It is funny to me that people have more faith in my abilities than I seem to. I’m always assailed by doubts. If I weren’t so inhibited/concerned with responsibility I do think I could do wonderful things. It is always quite surprising when people tell me good things about me.

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  1. Claritin is over the counter and worked very well for Christy. Claritin-D has a bit more punch to it and was the best. You should consider dumping the cable modem and going DSL, unless of course you have no phone line to the apartment. Sure DSL is a bit slower, but phone companies tend to actually care if their lines are working or not (they could get sued), whereas cable companies don’t care as long as they get paid. SBC/Yahoo was offering some sweet deals and for very cheap.

  2. Well the allergic reaction is gone now, and is now just a general sickness. I typically use a Benadryl since it is cheaper than the others. Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. Zyrtec. It works for pollen and dust and dander and mold spores. I have developed a slight cat allergy over the years, but could never live without my kitties, and it keeps my eyes and skin from itching and keeps me from sneezing.

  4. I have the health insurance from your work (Aetna) and Zyrtec is $25 for a month’s supply (which is, at least at our drug store, cheaper than Claritin over the counter), in case you ever want to switch to something non-drowsy.

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