2004 Haiku Contest Results

Here are the winners, the placers, the showers and the rest of the magnificent few who were privileged to enter the 2004 Organic Mechanic haiku contest. All entries are the copyright of the authors, they just happen to be here.

8 thoughts on “2004 Haiku Contest Results

  1. Thanks Harvey – gee top of the pile 🙂

    These 2 I think are outstanding
    “robots are metal
    but fierce hearts cannot be caged
    Beep boop bee—beat beat”
    By Lauren
    What imagination!

    “I’m very clever
    plastic wrap keeps rain off face
    only now I’m dead”
    By Meagan
    Reminiscent of a “Lovely Bones” Cold Case file.

  2. im reading lovely bones now. pretty good. someone at work let me borrow it, and man is it eery

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