2004 Haiku Contest Results

Here are the win­ners, the plac­ers, the show­ers and the rest of the mag­nif­i­cent few who were priv­i­leged to enter the 2004 Organ­ic Mechan­ic haiku con­test. All entries are the copy­right of the authors, they just hap­pen to be here.

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  • Thanks Har­vey — gee top of the pile 🙂

    These 2 I think are out­stand­ing
    “robots are met­al
    but fierce hearts can­not be caged
    Beep boop bee—beat beat”
    By Lau­ren
    What imag­i­na­tion!

    I’m very clever
    plas­tic wrap keeps rain off face
    only now I’m dead”
    By Mea­gan
    Rem­i­nis­cent of a “Love­ly Bones” Cold Case file.

  • im read­ing love­ly bones now. pret­ty good. some­one at work let me bor­row it, and man is it eery

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