I woke up today to this on my weather page:

But I’m not going to let that get me down. This weekend is the Cleveland Music Festival, and while GWAR is no longer headlining, I’ll still get the chance to see The Misfits and avoid Mushroomhead. Tonight I’m going to see one of my ex-coworkers from VDS [Venereal Disease Servicing] rap at the Wish Nightclub. Tomorrow evening I think I’m going to be at Peabody’s/Pirate’s Cove [yarr] for the whole evening. Saturday I’m going to see the Misfits, and if I have any energy left I’ll see what is shaking on Sunday.

I also had a dream last evening that I was involved in a play that was being performed at my old junior high school. I found out opening night that my part was a speaking part. I also had no costume and was running around in boxers trying to find a pair of pants to wear. To help me out, the set folks painted one of my lines on a hot dog shaped pillow. The line was: ‘Do you have money for lunch? Her head is acook.’ I have dreams involving stages from my childhood often. Many times they have nothing to do with performances but stages have so many interesting places to move [trapdoors, catwalks, guy wires, curtains, small lunar rovers, et cetera] that my subconscious seems to like to use them in order to convey many meanings quickly and simultaneously. Random but cool.

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  1. also, that averages out to a 41% chance of rain on any given day. I’m still a bit confused as to what exactly they mean with the %. To me it seems a bit more binary….either it rain or it won’t….it can’t like 60% rain….wouldn’t it be better just to tell folks: “hey it will probably rain today, or it’s 50/50 on it raining today, or it probably won’t rain today, or if it rains today I’ll shoot myself”? I mean really isn’t that what the % means? Ok, I’ll stop rambling.

  2. i’ve been waiting for that comment all day jmay. its a shame that ClearChannel paid them more to be somewhere else.

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