I woke up to­day to this on my weath­er page:

But I’m not go­ing to let that get me down. This week­end is the Cleveland Music Festival, and while GWAR is no longer head­lin­ing, I’ll still get the chance to see The Misfits and avoid Mushroomhead. Tonight I’m go­ing to see one of my ex-cowork­ers from VDS [Venereal Disease Servicing] rap at the Wish Nightclub. Tomorrow evening I think I’m go­ing to be at Peabody’s/Pirate’s Cove [yarr] for the whole evening. Saturday I’m go­ing to see the Misfits, and if I have any en­er­gy left I’ll see what is shak­ing on Sunday.

I al­so had a dream last evening that I was in­volved in a play that was be­ing per­formed at my old ju­nior high school. I found out open­ing night that my part was a speak­ing part. I al­so had no cos­tume and was run­ning around in box­ers try­ing to find a pair of pants to wear. To help me out, the set folks paint­ed one of my lines on a hot dog shaped pil­low. The line was: ‘Do you have mon­ey for lunch? Her head is acook.’ I have dreams in­volv­ing stages from my child­hood of­ten. Many times they have noth­ing to do with per­for­mances but stages have so many in­ter­est­ing places to move [trap­doors, cat­walks, guy wires, cur­tains, small lu­nar rovers, et cetera] that my sub­con­scious seems to like to use them in or­der to con­vey many mean­ings quick­ly and si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly. Random but cool.

3 thoughts on “Forecast

  1. al­so, that av­er­ages out to a 41% chance of rain on any giv­en day. I’m still a bit con­fused as to what ex­act­ly they mean with the %. To me it seems a bit more binary.…either it rain or it won’t.…it can’t like 60% rain.…wouldn’t it be bet­ter just to tell folks: “hey it will prob­a­bly rain to­day, or it’s 5050 on it rain­ing to­day, or it prob­a­bly won’t rain to­day, or if it rains to­day I’ll shoot my­self”? I mean re­al­ly isn’t that what the % means? Ok, I’ll stop ram­bling.

  2. i’ve been wait­ing for that com­ment all day jmay. its a shame that ClearChannel paid them more to be some­where else.

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