Running Into Things

I ran into near rush-hour traffic this morning on the way to work and then discovered that many people must have decided that Monday was get to work ass-early just like Adam day. Yesterday, I ran to the library and picked up a couple of books, [The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. LeGuin and The Silence in Heaven by Peter Lord-Wolff] and my limit of three DVDs, all foreign. I nabbed Chushingura – Hana no maki yuki no maki [a shorter version of the same story in The 47 Ronin, and this one has Toshiro in it]; The 400 Blows [Criterion Collection DVD, w00t!]; and Ren? Clair’s ? nous la libert?. While running prior to that, I ran into some dog shit and it ran with me for the rest of my run. Or, at least it ran with me until I ran into a big sucking mud puddle and almost lost a hoof. Before that, I ran nowhere because I was still recovering from running into a wall on Saturday afternoon when the falafel I’d had Saturday morning decided to run around in my intestinal tract. I had done some running on Saturday whilst simultaneously throwing a frisbee as well.

Why am I always running everywhere? I should take the time to stop and smell the trees/bushes that grow along 77 and 90 and are there [in my theory] to cut the smell of the foundry/steel mill/chemical processing facility just past them. They smell familiar but I’m not sure what they are, exactly. When I actually go running my workout consists of running and then walking and then running and then walking and then running and then walking again. Not very disciplined. I figure, however, that if I just extend the amount of time my workout takes, then I will eventually be able to cut out most of the walking. I will end this entry abruptly.

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