Spaghetti Con Vino

I don’t think I’ve ever written about food. I’m on an eat what I’m hungry for diet. This is not diet used in ‘what I eat to lose weight’ instead it is used in the ‘what I eat cause I’m hungry’ sense.

I love carbohydrates, especially in pasta form. You might even say that I have been on a carbohydrate diet my entire life. Starch and carbohydrates, dairy, followed by white meat, fish fruits and green veggies.That pretty much covers a descending order of my diet by volume of what I eat. I don’t eat until I’m stuffed. I eat until I’m not hungry any more. I need to add more vegetables to my intake but other than that I think I eat a rather healthy diet.

I do neglect to mention the [now greatly reduced but still] vast amounts of sweets that I intake in a given week. That is not a supplement to my diet and since I definitely don’t live off of junk food, I disinclude it.

I enjoy cooking and more importantly, experimenting. Experimenting is dangerous, yes, but I’m a fan of relatively simple fare so if I screw up, the stuff is always still good enough to enjoy. Last evening I made spaghetti again, but like last week I tried cooking [saute?-ing?] some fresh vegetables [freshtables from here on] in some red wine for mixing with the spaghetti. I had a small zucchini, some sliced mushrooms, half a red pepper left from last week, and a small tin of olives. The zucchini and mushrooms absorbed the wine quite nicely, as I had expected and, though I had too much wine in the pan, They cooked up nicely enough. Next time I need to chop the zucchini into smaller pieces.

What killed the taste of the wine-cooked freshtables [and I knew it was a bad idea as soon as I did it] was mixing them in with the store bought spaghetti sauce once the spaghetti was done. It really took the punch out of the wine soaked veggies and basically turned the meal into just about any other spaghetti meal I’ve ever had. It did give me a goal though. I’m going to develop my own spaghetti sauce, one that will work well with the winy vegetables. Besides, since that sauce will likely be made from freshtables it will be better and tastier than something from a jar.

I also make my own poor man’s garlic toast. Most people think it is gross but I love it. Just lightly butter some bread and put garlic powder on the buttered side, stick it under the broiler till the butter melts enough for the garlic to get inside the bread, flip it over until the backside is brown and then flip it over until it is done to your liking. Man, I can pack that stuff away.

3 thoughts on “Spaghetti Con Vino

  1. I eat that kind of garlic bread all the time. Who the hell told you that’s gross?!? (I also like to throw some seasoned salt and a dash of Mrs. Dash onto mine as well. Mmmmm mmm.)

  2. wine and veggies. Sounds excellent 🙂

    I would be one of the people who think garlic powder is gross (though the “poor man’s” thing is a bit of a real garlic toast wouldn’t cost any more ;). When I make garlic toast, I usually just take a garlic clove, smash it with the side of my knife, remove the peel and rub it on the bread (do not attempt with spongey crap bread, it will crumble, real bread can take it though). A little butter and, just as you did, throw it in the broiler. If I’m feelin’ fancy, a little spinkling of dried basil before broiling is good stuff too. But seriously, real garlic toast takes no more time/money/skills than using the powder stuff.

  3. well i’m glad y’all like garlic toast.

    i apologize for the poor grammar and spelling in the post, i’ve really got to start proofing things.

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