Well I don’t want Fop, godammit! I’m a Dapper Dan man!

Rapid catch up. Friday I ate a mushroom forest, played pool with pool sharks and other deviants [including a goatherder and coxswain] and won at poker. Saturday and Sunday nothing happened. Yesterday my redesign went live and now has groovy style sheet switching on the right side. Whichever style you choose should remain that way if you accept cookies. The accessibility and usability need improved but I’m just glad my entries didn’t wig out like before. I don’t know if any of those xml feeds work because I’ve never used anything like that before. They are there at least. This site at least fakes compliance. I can work on prettifying it a bit more. Which style do you like best?

This sentence starts a new paragraph. I went to a class on Winning Oratory yesterday that was actually rather interesting. It didn’t teach me much that I didn’t already know, but since I cared more about it this time, I assimilated it a bit better. I had a long and hilarious conversation over AIM last night regarding the miniseries 10.5. Since I don’t have a TV that gets reception of any kind, I hear all of my idiot box tidbits through friends. 10.5 sounds like it is so bad that it brings the TV miniseries to a new low. I was tempted to do an analysis of it, much like I did for The Da Vinci code, yet this time examining it from an academic position, but I’m too lazy to do that today.

Which is why you get a random assortment of sentences that have no real coherence. You can also check out some movie reviews over at Lauren’s place.

Paragraph breaks are hard to see.

14 thoughts on “Well I don’t want Fop, godammit! I’m a Dapper Dan man!

  1. I like the red version best from both a design and a readability standpoint. I do also see your paragraphs as being close together without a break between them. And on the grey version, in the comments, I see grey on grey text… in other words, i have to highlight or change styles to read them.

  2. Actually — that comment thing seems to be happening regardless of page style

  3. figures. haha. thanks you two for putting up with my crappy webshizzle.

    i’ll check out the RSS and Atom tomorrow after work since that will take a bit to learn.

    Genevieve what browser are you using? Safari? Opera? Netscape? Camino?

    Also, I’ve decided to redesign the non red templates to make them easier to read. I just don’t know what the hell is wrong with the paragraph breaks. I’ll check out the Movable Type forums in the hope that recourse is available there.

  4. IE 5.2 for Mac OSX. When I upgrade to Panther (probably in the next couple of weeks) I will be using Safari, but as for now I have Jaguar and I can’t upgrade Safari so it’s useless.

  5. hey B?rd, thanks! i’m changing stuff right now, so the leading i will take care of.

    and i just happen to already use firefox with the smoke theme. hehe. how is that for appropriate.

    the white might disappear, but in any case, i’m changing the HATED grey version to blue and making a green one as well.

  6. i guess i like the white style the best. the red one is very loud/​harsh, but clearly i’m in the minority. one thing is certain: you need to adjust your leading. it’s too tight.

  7. oh, i’m checking it on a mac right now, in safari. btw Harvey, if you like safari, but you’re on a pc, you should run mozilla firefox on your pc with the smoke theme (http://​themes​.mozdev​.org/​t​h​e​m​e​s​/​s​m​o​k​e​.​h​tml). i love it, especially after you remove the bookmark bar and other stuff. you can place the little fwd and back buttons etc on the menu line (file, edit, etc) , maximizing real estate. i think there’s also a theme that is exactly like safari, but i like the smoke theme. and firefox rocks.

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