Well I don’t want Fop, go­dammit! I’m a Dapper Dan man!

Rapid catch up. Friday I ate a mush­room for­est, played pool with pool sharks and oth­er de­viants [in­clud­ing a goatherder and coxswain] and won at pok­er. Saturday and Sunday noth­ing hap­pened. Yesterday my re­design went live and now has groovy style sheet switch­ing on the right side. Whichever style you choose should re­main that way if you ac­cept cook­ies. The ac­ces­si­bil­i­ty and us­abil­i­ty need im­proved but I’m just glad my en­tries didn’t wig out like be­fore. I don’t know if any of those xml feeds work be­cause I’ve nev­er used any­thing like that be­fore. They are there at least. This site at least fakes com­pli­ance. I can work on pret­ti­fy­ing it a bit more. Which style do you like best?

This sen­tence starts a new para­graph. I went to a class on Winning Oratory yes­ter­day that was ac­tu­al­ly rather in­ter­est­ing. It didn’t teach me much that I didn’t al­ready know, but since I cared more about it this time, I as­sim­i­lat­ed it a bit bet­ter. I had a long and hi­lar­i­ous con­ver­sa­tion over AIM last night re­gard­ing the minis­eries 10.5. Since I don’t have a TV that gets re­cep­tion of any kind, I hear all of my id­iot box tid­bits through friends. 10.5 sounds like it is so bad that it brings the TV minis­eries to a new low. I was tempt­ed to do an analy­sis of it, much like I did for The Da Vinci code, yet this time ex­am­in­ing it from an aca­d­e­m­ic po­si­tion, but I’m too lazy to do that to­day.

Which is why you get a ran­dom as­sort­ment of sen­tences that have no re­al co­her­ence. You can al­so check out some movie re­views over at Lauren’s place.

Paragraph breaks are hard to see.

14 thoughts on “Well I don’t want Fop, go­dammit! I’m a Dapper Dan man!

  1. I like the red ver­sion best from both a de­sign and a read­abil­i­ty stand­point. I do al­so see your para­graphs as be­ing close to­geth­er with­out a break be­tween them. And on the grey ver­sion, in the com­ments, I see grey on grey text… in oth­er words, i have to high­light or change styles to read them.

  2. Actually — that com­ment thing seems to be hap­pen­ing re­gard­less of page style

  3. fig­ures. ha­ha. thanks you two for putting up with my crap­py web­shiz­zle.

    i’ll check out the RSS and Atom to­mor­row af­ter work since that will take a bit to learn.

    Genevieve what brows­er are you us­ing? Safari? Opera? Netscape? Camino?

    Also, I’ve de­cid­ed to re­design the non red tem­plates to make them eas­i­er to read. I just don’t know what the hell is wrong with the para­graph breaks. I’ll check out the Movable Type fo­rums in the hope that re­course is avail­able there.

  4. IE 5.2 for Mac OSX. When I up­grade to Panther (prob­a­bly in the next cou­ple of weeks) I will be us­ing Safari, but as for now I have Jaguar and I can’t up­grade Safari so it’s use­less.

  5. hey B?rd, thanks! i’m chang­ing stuff right now, so the lead­ing i will take care of.

    and i just hap­pen to al­ready use fire­fox with the smoke theme. hehe. how is that for ap­pro­pri­ate.

    the white might dis­ap­pear, but in any case, i’m chang­ing the HATED grey ver­sion to blue and mak­ing a green one as well.

  6. The red ver­sion is eas­i­ly the most read­able in Netscape 7.1; nice re­design.

  7. i guess i like the white style the best. the red one is very loud/​harsh, but clear­ly i’m in the mi­nor­i­ty. one thing is cer­tain: you need to ad­just your lead­ing. it’s too tight.

  8. oh, i’m check­ing it on a mac right now, in sa­fari. btw Harvey, if you like sa­fari, but you’re on a pc, you should run mozil­la fire­fox on your pc with the smoke theme (http://​themes​.mozdev​.org/​t​h​e​m​e​s​/​s​m​o​k​e​.​h​tml). i love it, es­pe­cial­ly af­ter you re­move the book­mark bar and oth­er stuff. you can place the lit­tle fwd and back but­tons etc on the menu line (file, ed­it, etc) , max­i­miz­ing re­al es­tate. i think there’s al­so a theme that is ex­act­ly like sa­fari, but i like the smoke theme. and fire­fox rocks.

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