Well isn’t this place a geographic oddity.

This week is a bust as blog­ging goes, since tomor­row I’m work­ing on a Habi­tat for Human­i­ty house with some cowork­ers. I’ve obvi­ous­ly changed the stylesheets around a bit and hope­ful­ly they are a bit more read­able. Thanks to A List Apart for giv­ing me the nec­es­saries. I still can’t fig­ure out why there isn’t more space between the para­graph breaks. I know it is a CSS issue, but it is beyond my mea­ger skills when I think about how to apply an attribute out­side of a para­graph tag. Still, the out­put is inside anoth­er tag. If the answer lies there I don’t know what it looks like. So instead I will code the breaks man­u­al­ly for the time being.

Do you think all those but­tons over on the side are tacky? I’m start­ing to. I think I just stuck ‘em on there because oth­er sites use them. I believe the pre­vail­ing rules is to not use an image unless you have to. Anoth­er bell and whis­tle that I am ready to add is a CSS cod­ed drop shad­ow. I’m hav­ing no prob­lems with the code here, but rather, prob­lems mak­ing a drop shad­ow in an emp­ty selec­tion. Once I fig­ure that out I must then fig­ure out just how damn big the shad­ow needs to be to fit around my main con­tent win­dow. the size rec­om­mend­ed by A List Apart is far too small. And, since I am dopey, I don’t real­ly know what they mean when they say:

apply­ing the effect to an emp­ty selec­tion

I’ve been on anoth­er music down­load­ing spree late­ly. But I’m at the point where I need some help. I need dance tunes and real­ly good ones. Yet it has been so long since I have lis­tened to good dance music I can’t remem­ber the names of any of the songs. I don’t mean any of the innu­mer­able tech­no songs, I need songs from when I/you was/were in junior high and high school and even col­lege. Gangs­ta rap anthems, junk like that. So, if you please, leave a com­ment and list some songs you feel that I should absolute­ly have if I was going to throw a dance par­ty.

I’m not. So don’t get excit­ed.

I’m also some­what uncon­fi­dent of the sub­ti­tle for the site on my green style. ‘.44 Cal­iber Soul Revolt’ was what I set­tled on, I thought ‘Rev­o­lu­tion as Pro­pa­gan­da’ was too pre­ten­tious and ‘Guer­ril­la Audac­i­ty’ was too stu­pid. It needs to fit with the theme of the style. I real­ly want some­thing that will both make fun of the faux-army clothes of Amer­i­can Eagle/Abercrappie col­lec­tive and still be apt for my own idiom. If you have any ideas please tell me.

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  • shhh be very very quiet…I’m hunt­ing wab­bit…

    but I don’t think you’d go for that as a theme.

    Save a tree…eat a beaver?

    hell I don’t know.…

  • The pre­vail­ing rule is to design some­thing that has the aes­thet­ic look you want and then use CSS sim­ply as a tool to acheive that. You can use images — you don’t have to use text for every­thing. Peole try to make up rules about web design and when it comes down to it it;‘s just design. And yah — things like align­ment and typog­ra­phy and all that mat­ter but things like the argu­ments to use only text and shad­ed div box­es and no images or whether fixed or vari­able width pages are bet­ter real­ly just come down to a mat­ter of taste. (Zeld­man has talked about how every redesign he does — if it’s fixed width he’ll get a bunch of angry emails from haf the web com­mu­ni­ty, and if it’s scal­able he’ll get email from the oth­er half)

  • the more i look at those but­tons the tack­i­er i think they are. it is easy enough to make them dis­ap­pear and it will reduce the clut­ter in my site root.

    half the rea­son i redesign all the time is because i can’t dis­tin­guish between the need­ful things and the mat­ters of taste. the oth­er half is because i get bored.

  • My $.02 on the but­tons. You should keep them, how­ev­er maybe keep the draw­er for them min­i­mized in some way with the abil­i­ty to expand them out to see them should one desire to click on them? They are use­full, but also a big unsight­ly so hide them from nor­mal view.

    On a side note, what’s with the O Broth­er quotes? Some­body gear­ing up for the release of Troy lat­er this month?

  • oh and the songs…
    Ice Ice Baby
    MC Ham­mer
    Mil­li Vanil­li (sp?) should be good for some ha ha’s
    Also you’d be sur­prised how much New Kids on The Block will bring back all sorts of mem­o­ries for females in the cur­rent 20–30 demo­graph­ic

    You know the wierd thing is…I fuck­ing hate dance music. If you can’t bang you head to it or slow dance to it…I would nev­er dance to it…unless it was country.….but I don’t like talk­ing about that.…anyway, did I ever men­tion that I real­ly hat­ed just about every dance event I ever went to?

  • i have no idea what O Broth­er and Troy have in com­mon apart from both look­ing like they are going to be rather yel­low. i’m just in an O Broth­er state of mind i sup­pose.

    i’m going to get rid of the but­tons and just have text links.

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