Well isn’t this place a geographic oddity.

This week is a bust as blogging goes, since tomorrow I’m working on a Habitat for Humanity house with some coworkers. I’ve obviously changed the stylesheets around a bit and hopefully they are a bit more readable. Thanks to A List Apart for giving me the necessaries. I still can’t figure out why there isn’t more space between the paragraph breaks. I know it is a CSS issue, but it is beyond my meager skills when I think about how to apply an attribute outside of a paragraph tag. Still, the output is inside another tag. If the answer lies there I don’t know what it looks like. So instead I will code the breaks manually for the time being.

Do you think all those buttons over on the side are tacky? I’m starting to. I think I just stuck ’em on there because other sites use them. I believe the prevailing rules is to not use an image unless you have to. Another bell and whistle that I am ready to add is a CSS coded drop shadow. I’m having no problems with the code here, but rather, problems making a drop shadow in an empty selection. Once I figure that out I must then figure out just how damn big the shadow needs to be to fit around my main content window. the size recommended by A List Apart is far too small. And, since I am dopey, I don’t really know what they mean when they say:

applying the effect to an empty selection

I’ve been on another music downloading spree lately. But I’m at the point where I need some help. I need dance tunes and really good ones. Yet it has been so long since I have listened to good dance music I can’t remember the names of any of the songs. I don’t mean any of the innumerable techno songs, I need songs from when I/you was/were in junior high and high school and even college. Gangsta rap anthems, junk like that. So, if you please, leave a comment and list some songs you feel that I should absolutely have if I was going to throw a dance party.

I’m not. So don’t get excited.

I’m also somewhat unconfident of the subtitle for the site on my green style. ‘.44 Caliber Soul Revolt’ was what I settled on, I thought ‘Revolution as Propaganda’ was too pretentious and ‘Guerrilla Audacity’ was too stupid. It needs to fit with the theme of the style. I really want something that will both make fun of the faux-army clothes of American Eagle/Abercrappie collective and still be apt for my own idiom. If you have any ideas please tell me.

9 thoughts on “Well isn’t this place a geographic oddity.

  1. shhh be very very quiet…I’m hunting wabbit…

    but I don’t think you’d go for that as a theme.

    Save a tree…eat a beaver?

    hell I don’t know….

  2. The prevailing rule is to design something that has the aesthetic look you want and then use CSS simply as a tool to acheive that. You can use images – you don’t have to use text for everything. Peole try to make up rules about web design and when it comes down to it it;’s just design. And yah – things like alignment and typography and all that matter but things like the arguments to use only text and shaded div boxes and no images or whether fixed or variable width pages are better really just come down to a matter of taste. (Zeldman has talked about how every redesign he does – if it’s fixed width he’ll get a bunch of angry emails from haf the web community, and if it’s scalable he’ll get email from the other half)

  3. the more i look at those buttons the tackier i think they are. it is easy enough to make them disappear and it will reduce the clutter in my site root.

    half the reason i redesign all the time is because i can’t distinguish between the needful things and the matters of taste. the other half is because i get bored.

  4. My $.02 on the buttons. You should keep them, however maybe keep the drawer for them minimized in some way with the ability to expand them out to see them should one desire to click on them? They are usefull, but also a big unsightly so hide them from normal view.

    On a side note, what’s with the O Brother quotes? Somebody gearing up for the release of Troy later this month?

  5. oh and the songs…
    Ice Ice Baby
    MC Hammer
    Milli Vanilli (sp?) should be good for some ha ha’s
    Also you’d be surprised how much New Kids on The Block will bring back all sorts of memories for females in the current 20-30 demographic

    You know the wierd thing is…I fucking hate dance music. If you can’t bang you head to it or slow dance to it…I would never dance to it…unless it was country…..but I don’t like talking about that….anyway, did I ever mention that I really hated just about every dance event I ever went to?

  6. i have no idea what O Brother and Troy have in common apart from both looking like they are going to be rather yellow. i’m just in an O Brother state of mind i suppose.

    i’m going to get rid of the buttons and just have text links.

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