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Critters in My Head

I might have talked about this before, lord knows I’ve thought about it enough times. I don’t remember. This could be normal forgetting, unsurety of whether I’ve discussed this before, or something sinister and hidden. This sort of gives me the willies. Thinking about it that is. It begins, like so many other things, when […]

The Space Between Thoughts

I read a folk tale, years ago, where a boy receives a purse that always contains a gold coin. This handy source of income helps him on his quest, which I cannot recall. When he takes out the coin, there is still a coin in the purse. Always. Magic!

A Taste of Delany

“There are… two concepts of the artist. The one gives all to his work, in a very real way; if he does not produce volumes, at least he goes through many, many drafts. He neglects his life, and his life totters and sways and often plummets into chaos. It is presumptuous of us to judge […]


I was a nude model for Spencer Tunick‘s latest installation this morning. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed. Genesis 2:25 Several thousand other folks followed my lead and were naked too. My Defective Life was probably there as well. I did see her car. It was fun, […]

The Block

I can’t seem to write stuff any longer. Ideas are few and far between and when they do appear, attempting to make something come of them is always abortive. There are many possibilities that could be causing this. I’ve thought of a few.


I once knew someone in college who used the jokers from decks of playing cards when he left notes for people. Unfortunately, he was the most boring person I have ever met. I thought the joker was the only creative idea he ever had.

Terrorist Attack Trading Cards

I was at Jamie’s Flea Market Saturday and I found something that hit the market when I was 6 years old. Something that shows me what 17 years of bickering, global reorganization and bloodshed has changed in the zeitgeist of America. Yeah, basically nothing. Disclaimer Though these cards claim to be educational, it is well […]


Yesterday, for not much more than an hour, I toyed with the idea of getting a full arm tattoo, apparently known as a ‘sleeve.’ I asked for and eventually received the opinions of the large number of tattooed folks with whom I work.

The Limits of Self-Actualization [and randomness]

self-ac?tu?al?ize: To develop or achieve one’s full potential. It really isn’t that fair to critique a simple definition of self-actualization without addressing it in a engaged and intelligent manner, but I am too lazy to reread what I’ve already read and catch up on what’s hot these days in personal definition.

Business Hours

I have absolutely lost every last smidgen of patience when it comes to dealing with integral businesses and their business hours. Let me tell you about the title bureau. Pretend it is Andy Rooney speaking.

Some Jokes

There was less joke telling in Canada this year than usual, here is a recounting of all of the ones I heard. The cannibal ones are my favorite. I also like Helen Keller jokes, dead baby jokes, misogynistic jokes and one racist joke. I am obviously a tasteless bastard.

Infinity Equals Zero

What most people would call splitting hairs, I call finding seams, weaknesses and assumptions that, for me at least, need explicated to my somewhat satisfaction. Mostly these things end up circularly and nothing gets resolved except my understanding of certain subtleties. Infinity equals zero, or something like it.

Canada 2004

Herein lies, in a rather large and ungainly fashion, the account of the expedition of six men into the cold and crusty taiga of Northern Ontario, Canada as related by one of the party members, one Adam Harvey hailing from the Midwest of the United States of America. This account has been culled from his […]

Soap Opera

My first friend was also my first girlfriend, apparently. Leila lived next door, with her grandparents, the imposing Kerrigans, but only during the summers. She was older than me and sometimes we would play Soap Opera.


TO THE PUBLIC Before going down among you to pull out your decaying teeth, your running ears, your tongues full of sores, Before breaking your putrid bones, Before opening your cholera-infested belly and taking out for use as fertilizer your too fatted liver, your ignoble spleen and your diabetic kidneys, Before tearing out your ugly […]


I work with two women that I think are just dandy. I’ve talked to the one on the third floor briefly and I was, just as briefly, her secret admirer. The other one has fantastic red hair. My crushes on them swing like a pendulum.