fig.jpgI was a nude mod­el for Spencer Tunick’s lat­est instal­la­tion this morn­ing.

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.
Gen­e­sis 2:25

Sev­er­al thou­sand oth­er folks fol­lowed my lead and were naked too. My Defec­tive Life was prob­a­bly there as well. I did see her car. It was fun, apart from cold hands and feet.

Let me just say this: Cleve­land has lots of girl-fla­vored eye can­dy. My grand­moth­er thinks this was pr0nographic. My ma don’t know what to think. No, I was not embarassed to be naked in front of peo­ple. They were in the same boat as I am, which makes things eas­i­er. Also, though I’m not some sort of Ado­nis, my body isn’t hor­ri­ble.

The first shot had us all line up along the 9th street pier up into the city. I was in approx­i­mate­ly the third row up on the Cleve­land side. It was quite fun­ny to watch cars dri­ve by, slow down, get yelled at by the police and then tear out of there. It was also ridicu­lous­ly cold. There was an amaz­ing­ly attrac­tive girl right in front of me. I was only slight­ly dis­tract­ed by the string from the tam­pon stuck in her buttcrack.

Yes, I looked at girls, and they looked at us; and despite it being a sort of ‘check­ing out’ it was some­how much less sex­u­al, I think, because the only mys­tery left is what the per­son is actu­al­ly like.

The two oth­er instal­la­tions he did were gen­der spe­cif­ic, the girls went first, by the lin­er that was docked, and then the guys had the instal­la­tion fac­ing the Browns sta­di­um. Appar­ent­ly girls pre­fer the back­sides of men to the front sides, judg­ing from the cheer that went up when Spencer had us turn around. As a man, I would like to say that girls look good from all sides.

Being naked in a large group of naked men was quite bor­ing. It remind­ed me of a lock­er room only replac­ing get­ting snapped by a tow­el with hav­ing ridicu­lous­ly cold feet. Then I spent 200 bucks get­ting new tires on my car.

Every­one in Cleve­land has a tat­too, appar­ent­ly. The title of this post will most like­ly result in thou­sands of new hits look­ing for nudie pics of that Aussie guy with my name.

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  • I real­ly applaud you for being a part of this. Patrick and I both thought about it and wimped out. For me, it was the fact that, due to being a CIA alum, I know a large num­ber of the art­sy folk in Cleve­land, and I couldn’t get past the idea of some­how meet­ing up with one of my pro­fes­sors there…

  • i saw some video of that on chan­nel 8 news in indi­anapo­lis. i looked, but could­nt pick you out adam. very cool though.

  • Yea, as I’ve said, I have trou­ble tak­ing my shirt off in front of my friends, get­ting naked in front of 1000 peo­ple, some of which I knew, wasn’t hap­penin’..
    I do think it’s cool you did it though 🙂

  • My wife and I also par­tic­i­pat­ed… It was a won­de­ful expiernce. If you are inter­est­ed I have been search­ing and col­lect­ing pics of it from around the web… , Im work­ing on a page that will also include our expier­ences and main­tain links to oth­ers that par­tic­i­pat­ed around the web. Yours is the first par­tic­i­pants web­site I have come across.

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