daisy.jpgI work with two women that I think are just dandy. I’ve talked to the one on the third floor briefly and I was, just as briefly, her secret admirer. The other one has fantastic red hair. My crushes on them swing like a pendulum.

Currently, I am fascinated by the blonde upstairs. This is due mainly to the fact that I saw her twice last week and she said hello to me, specifically, both times. She has very nice eyes and mischievous lips that hint at her character. My coworkers refer to her as my 3rd floor girlfriend.

The redhead has amazing long red hair that most people seem to think is dyed. If so it is a very good dye job. No one seems to know anything about her. She has quite nice skin and I saw her looking at my adidas spezials last week. I refer to her as the ‘redhaired heartache.’

I’m leery of asking either one to do anything with me. Mainly because I am a gutless coward, but also because I’m still figuring out what is acceptable in a work environment. I don’t want to get in trouble. Also, am I supposed to just go to their cube and ask ‘em out to dinner? I’m thinking about it too much, I know. I’m just not good at striking up conversations out of the blue.