Infinity Equals Zero

bunny.jpgWhat most people would call splitting hairs, I call finding seams, weaknesses and assumptions that, for me at least, need explicated to my somewhat satisfaction. Mostly these things end up circularly and nothing gets resolved except my understanding of certain subtleties. Infinity equals zero, or something like it.

Nothing material [that I can think of] is infinite. Numbers are infinite but aren’t material, and the universe might appear infinite, but isn’t, since it is bounded by whatever it is expanding into. Void exists outside the universe and is zero. Infinity and zero are both abstractions and have no material example. They can be described and understood but not seen.

You cannot show me zero whoopee cushions because if I see a whoopee cushion there are more than zero whoopee cushions.

Likewise, you cannot show me infinite rubber chickens because it would take an infinitely long time to do so. Time, a form of measurement, is concerned with finding the limits of things and, I think, would be quite useless in trying to measure something limitless. Also, as far as I know, time is not infinite. Perhaps using relativity you could show me infinite rubber chickens, but I’d much rather have a ham sandwich.

Back to the void. If void is zero [lack, a null set, emptiness] and void [that which is outside the universe] is infinite [boundless, immeasureable, illimitable] then they are equal in some sense. Both are abstractions of measuring the immeasureable.

Assuming that parallel universes exist, what I’ve been twirling around here must be taken to a higher order. If parallel universes exist then the void that one universe expands in to is less than meaningless. The determination then lies in discovering whether parallel universes are bound by something or otherwise exist independently is something I’ll need to meditate upon further.

It is important for me to hold on to the realization engagement I have finally reached in my understanding of the concepts of zero and infinity. While it is easy to reach the conclusion that they are equal while examining them with the expanding universe theory, the parallel universes paradigm adds a bit more complexity than I can grapple with at the moment.

I’m right, right?