tattoo.jpgYesterday, for not much more than an hour, I toyed with the idea of getting a full arm tattoo, apparently known as a ‘sleeve.’ I asked for and eventually received the opinions of the large number of tattooed folks with whom I work.

Believe it, my sleeve would have been awesome. If I had a full arm tattoo I would make it biographical [or would that be autobio?]. Anyhow, the shoulder would have my confirmation saint, the Archangel Michael on it. I like the colors on it and the fact that it looks like a prayer card. St. Michael has always appealed to the martial spirit within me, I guess I can identify with his angelic nature. Incidentally, here is The Prayer of St. Michael. Wrapped around this and continuing as a filler between the other tattoos on the sleeve would be a chain of oak leaves [strength] or olive leaves [peace]. I’d also have a tattoo of a squirrel and of a bird for my love of nature, but also for curiosity and freedom. I’d leave a space on the inside of my upper arm for a word [perhaps ‘family’ or an appropriate line from a poem] because it will be close to my heart.

tolkiensymbol.jpgI’d have Tolkien’s symbol near my elbow on my forearm. Not only is it cool looking, he is my favorite author and has been such an influence on my life for so long he deserves a spot. I’d have a sword on the inside of my forearm [for fencing], and beneath its point, at my wrist, the ND monogram.
I’d also need something representing discipline, but I don’t know what a good symbol for that would be. Any ideas?

ND.jpgThe reason I’m not getting the sleeve is because, cool though it would be, What is important is that I know what is important to me rather than changing my body to display it for others to see. I do really think it would be cool but doing something because it is cool is no reason to do something [if it is permanent].

Curiously, a few people said they could not see me with a tattoo, or telling people about it and showing it. Others were encouraging. Can you see me with a tatt?