The Limits of Self-Actualization [and randomness]

mannequin.jpgself-ac?tu?al?ize: To develop or achieve one’s full potential. It really isn’t that fair to critique a simple definition of self-actualization without addressing it in a engaged and intelligent manner, but I am too lazy to reread what I’ve already read and catch up on what’s hot these days in personal definition.

By that definition of self-actualization, I no longer have a wish to self-actualize. If I achieved my full potential nothing would be left but plateau and decline. I would no longer have nothing to strive for or any reason to do anything. Achieving full potential also assumes that my potential has limits. I don’t like to think that potential has limits. There should always be something that can be improved. So I suppose I also have no desire to be perfect. The effective striving toward is what has value to me. The action and not the completion of it.

Now, if only I wasn’t a hypocrite.


other things:

I’ve been having a recurring dream where this guy in herringbone pants follows me around. I assume this is because I still want a pair of herringbone pants from ExpressMen.

I really need to get the new Jimmie’s Chicken Shack album.

I talked to a cute girl at the BMV yesterday but was too much of a pussy to ask for her number†.

The smell of cigarettes on clothing and the taste of cigarettes in a mouth is in my top five list of unattractive things.

Four other things that I find majorly unattractive:

1. Poor hygiene [most people at the BMV haven’t washed in days, this is because they have been waiting in line for that long]
2. Obesity / Anorexia [again at the BMV, one woman had to turn sideways to get through the door and another had legs skinnier than my wrists]
3. Stupidity [ignorance is okay]
4. Hairy arms [something weirds me out about girls with arms hairier than mine]

The BMV is the best place to go to get a cross-section of America.
These correlate.