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Indians Game

Baseball is near the pinnacle of boredom but I’ve gone to two games in five days and not had a terrible time.

Bubba Ho-tep

Ladies and Gentlemen, I will now use my film degree for bastardized purposes. Also, I am growing a beard again.

Best Things

I thought I had written a list of things I really like awhile ago but I cannot find it. So I will do it again. I must be getting old.


I’ve still not been thinking about much, lately. So I’m pulling out a topic I’ve had in storage for a while. I had Ethiopian food this weekend, Kitfo is spiced raw beef that looks like viscera and Ethiopian bread is like zombie flesh. And it was all tasty But I’m not writing on that.


Today is ‘Ask Me A Question And I Will Answer It Day.’† I don’t really have anything to write about, nor do I know why I chose a picture of some teapots. I’ve not been thinking very much as of late.


In my dream of an anti-gravity rocketship lived the Scarebear. It was crashlanding on Earth because it was out of solid fuel and its pile drive[r] was fidgety. It was good, [I suppose] that it flopped crunchingly right into the assembly bay of Amalgamator.

Jimmy Daddona’s

I went to Jimmy Daddona’s for dinner somewhat driven by this review in the Free Times. It wasn’t very good at all. Now, I’ve gained a little knowledge at the ways of foodie-ness just by having proximity to Five Dollar Beer, so I am using some of his criteria in this review [or, what I […]


One of my coworkers is a poet. Last week we assigned each other an assignment: to write a poem to be workshopped by the assigner on Monday. My assignment was to “write a muscular poem about masculinity.”

Half-price Fables

I went to Half Price Books on Friday and managed to not buy the whole store. Instead I bought three illustrated books of fables and folktales. All brand new and all rather cheap.

The Third Man

A part of this viewing list: Criterion Collection Spine #64: Carol Reed’s The Third Man. With the likes of Carol Reed directing, a Graham Greene screenplay and Orson Welles, The Third Man, [1949] which I recently watched, is a very good movie. And since it was a Criterion Collection DVD, the goodies are just as […]

Pre-Sex Dreams

After puberty but before I had seen a naked girl naked in the flesh after puberty and also whilst still a virgin, my mind nonetheless attempted to dream about sex. This failed miserably.

Spiderman 2

Finally saw Spiderman 2, not that I really wanted to see it, but I wasn’t averse to it either. I didn’t appreciate it so much for its story as for the auteurical flourishes that Sam Raimi brought for me. There might be a spoiler or two to follow.


A friend of mine and her two sisters came to visit me for the weekend. They are roadtripping across the country, stopping when their money runs out, and then making cash by selling their art work. At least, that is the plan.


I hacked out a roughest draft of a poem last night. First I have written in a long while. I talked to a poet friend in NYC and something sort of fell in place. The poem is about a pelican.


I thought this weekend would do a bit to raise my lowly of late spirits. It did while I was with my family, but coming back to my apartment and finding a note saying my June rent was ‘overdue’ was enough to drive me back into apathy and bitterness. Apparently it doesn’t take much. Apparently […]