Best Things

giftwrap.jpgI thought I had written a list of things I really like awhile ago but I cannot find it. So I will do it again. I must be getting old.

• Handwritten, addressed, stamped and unmailed letters. Especially piles of ‘em. There is something quite satisfying about that sight. [I know I’ve written about this. Why cannot I find it?]

• Books. I mentioned to my buddies yesterday that I think a book is the perfect invention. There is nothing about the design, implementation, use or use-​value of a book that in any way peeves me.

• Blankets. I would rather wear shorts and a t-​shirt in winter and wrap up in a blanket than wear pants and a sweater.

• Tough Backrubs. This is the best way to fall asleep in my opinion. A lot of elbow grease had better be used at first, and by the time it is over I should be fast asleep and drooling all over. Then toss a blanket over me and I’m set. Equally good are massage parties. When this happens everyone is always massaging a foot or a leg or a back or an arm or a neck of someone else. The people getting arm massages are taking a break. I only did this once or twice in college but it was quite refreshing. It is best done drunkish.

• Berries. In order of importance: Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Lingonberries, Strawberries. I like ‘em all.

• Sleep.

• A Full Stomach. Not full to bursting full, but food coma full. Where you just want to lean back, put your hands on a distended gut and contemplate everything being digested. Also going along with this is the feel of a really cold glass of whatever flowing down the gullet and then spreading across the chest.

• Empyting out my tackle box, cleaning it and putting everything back in it.

• Fishing.

• Completely frivolous conversations about meaningless things that will never happen. Such as: Who would win in a fight and why: Golden Bear or Tony the Tiger?

What are a few of your favorite things?