Best Things

giftwrap.jpgI thought I had written a list of things I really like awhile ago but I cannot find it. So I will do it again. I must be getting old.

• Handwritten, addressed, stamped and unmailed letters. Especially piles of ’em. There is something quite satisfying about that sight. [I know I’ve written about this. Why cannot I find it?]

• Books. I mentioned to my buddies yesterday that I think a book is the perfect invention. There is nothing about the design, implementation, use or use-value of a book that in any way peeves me.

• Blankets. I would rather wear shorts and a t-shirt in winter and wrap up in a blanket than wear pants and a sweater.

• Tough Backrubs. This is the best way to fall asleep in my opinion. A lot of elbow grease had better be used at first, and by the time it is over I should be fast asleep and drooling all over. Then toss a blanket over me and I’m set. Equally good are massage parties. When this happens everyone is always massaging a foot or a leg or a back or an arm or a neck of someone else. The people getting arm massages are taking a break. I only did this once or twice in college but it was quite refreshing. It is best done drunkish.

• Berries. In order of importance: Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Lingonberries, Strawberries. I like ’em all.

• Sleep.

• A Full Stomach. Not full to bursting full, but food coma full. Where you just want to lean back, put your hands on a distended gut and contemplate everything being digested. Also going along with this is the feel of a really cold glass of whatever flowing down the gullet and then spreading across the chest.

• Empyting out my tackle box, cleaning it and putting everything back in it.

• Fishing.

• Completely frivolous conversations about meaningless things that will never happen. Such as: Who would win in a fight and why: Golden Bear or Tony the Tiger?

What are a few of your favorite things?

12 thoughts on “Best Things

  1. Girls in white dresses,With blue satin sashes,Snow flakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,Silver white winters,That melt into springs

  2. Corsets, whips, delirium.
    Tantrums, sunbeams, orange juice.
    Harvest moons, sex-drives, elaborate lies and ruses.
    Five o’clock shadows, kittens, Tom Waits.
    The word ukelele, walking on the beach at night, Michfest.
    A cigarette in the autumn, my dog’s wobbly chin, Adam Q. Harvey.
    Campy horror movies, Kool-aid, fuzz stuck in your belly button.
    Baigan Bartha, glass eyes, flirting.

  3. 1. Libraries- the whole concept. Free books, community information, getting movies without paying to rent them. That, and my major fantasy of sex while hidding amongst the shelves.

    2. Soy hot chocolate with a double shot of raspberry syrup.

    3. Haircuts – regardless of the end result, I like the feeling of entering someplace, and then exiting looking completely different.

    4. The sounds of the trains seeping through my bedroom window every night (and even louder in the winter).

    5. Well tailored clothing

    6. Talking to you.

  4. the 11th floor of the Hesburgh Library was considered one of the safest places on campus to get it on. even more than in dorms. Most of it was ye olde Russian literature, IN RUSSIAN. so no one was ever in that section.

  5. I’ve also heard rumor of blow jobs in the bible isle….I believe you have also heard of this rumor adam.

  6. hehe, yes i sure did. i can’t remember where though… was it The Gipper? No… it was someone i knew… refresh my memory jmay.

  7. Sleep, food, good company, basketball; most importantly, the feeling you have after a job well done.

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