Half-price Fables

woodcut.jpg I went to Half Price Books on Friday and managed to not buy the whole store. Instead I bought three illustrated books of fables and folktales. All brand new and all rather cheap.

I got a cellophane jacketed Aesop’s fables that has pen and ink illustrations that are almost identical to the ones in the fairy tale books I’ve had since I was a wee thing. They are all somewhat droll and have a neo-medieval quality to them. Whatever that means. The other two books are collections of ethnic folktales, one from the Ukraine and one from Bohemia. Both contain woodcuts that are fantastic. I suppose I’ve always harbored a secret love for books with these simple types of illustration. Most of it is probably nostalgia value, but in I like it all the same.

I also bought The Man Who Fell To Earth, which I will read and then finally scrounge around until I can find a copy of the movie starring David Bowie to watch. None of this is making much sense but I just wanted to gibber it down before I didn’t.

*Late Saturday*

I went to Taste of Tremont, and have decided that it is where I want to move when me lease ends. The library was selling their withdrawn books for $4 a bag so I stocked up on stuff I’ve never heard of but that is worth the shot anyway. I got a couple of poetry books, a couple of fantasy books and a couple of books for Liam and Anne, who had invited me along. There were approximately too many pretty girls with lame looking guys on their arms.

7 thoughts on “Half-price Fables

  1. that movie has so very very little plot. david bowie walks around looking pretty and occasionally getting naked, and there’s some vague theme of a stranger in a strange land who is unable to fit in because… well… he’s a space man.

  2. hmm, i dunno if i want to see a naked David Bowie, even if he is my idol.

    the tights he wore in Labyrinth were disturbing enough.

  3. Oh, I love thee Half-Price-Books.
    9 out of 10 of my cookbooks come from there.

    You know what’s awesome. All their paperbacks are half off cover price. So, look for the ones which were published back in the 50’s to 70’s. The retail price was like 0.50 or 0.75, so you can get ’em for almost nothing.

  4. yeah, i got The Man Who Fell to Earth for 1.13. flea market book stalls still win though in the price to quality ratio.

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