lightbulb.jpgI hacked out a roughest draft of a poem last night. First I have written in a long while. I talked to a poet friend in NYC and something sort of fell in place. The poem is about a pelican.

I’ve been thinking about the sun a lot lately, mostly since the latest National Geographic, and I had a thought that was interesting to me. The sun has no shadow. I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to use this thought. At first I thought the sun might be lonely because it has no shadow, just as the wind must be tired because it never stops blowing. Then I ran out of steam.

I’m too busy at the moment to do much blogging. I have some visitors coming this weekend and I must prepare for them. I’m also overloaded like mad with work. That is all for now.

4 thoughts on “Idea

  1. but what about the shadows on the sun? (sunspots)And does not the wind howl when it is over worked? In a way it seems a little like a riddle…and I think back to the “riddles in the dark” chapter from the hobbit. Which is the one of the greatest chapters I have ever read.

  2. i was thinking, about the sun idea, maybe you could ask how the sun can know itself when it doesn’t cast a shadow? in a way a shadow is an affirmation of existence. i don’t know, just wanted to share that thought.

  3. i wonder: what is the greater significance of not “having a shadow?” or the thought that the wind might experience fatigue?

    maybe you ran out of steam because you need more behind the exercise itself?

    the thought that there are deeper questions there about existence (like what bard said) is where the work really is…

    ps. i like the idea that i’m a “poet friend.”

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