lightbulb.jpgI hacked out a rough­est draft of a poem last night. First I have writ­ten in a long while. I talked to a poet friend in NYC and some­thing sort of fell in place. The poem is about a pel­i­can.

I’ve been think­ing about the sun a lot late­ly, most­ly since the lat­est Nation­al Geo­graph­ic, and I had a thought that was inter­est­ing to me. The sun has no shad­ow. I’ve been try­ing to fig­ure out a good way to use this thought. At first I thought the sun might be lone­ly because it has no shad­ow, just as the wind must be tired because it nev­er stops blow­ing. Then I ran out of steam.

I’m too busy at the moment to do much blog­ging. I have some vis­i­tors com­ing this week­end and I must pre­pare for them. I’m also over­loaded like mad with work. That is all for now.

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  • but what about the shad­ows on the sun? (sunspots)And does not the wind howl when it is over worked? In a way it seems a lit­tle like a riddle…and I think back to the “rid­dles in the dark” chap­ter from the hob­bit. Which is the one of the great­est chap­ters I have ever read.

  • i was think­ing, about the sun idea, maybe you could ask how the sun can know itself when it doesn’t cast a shad­ow? in a way a shad­ow is an affir­ma­tion of exis­tence. i don’t know, just want­ed to share that thought.

  • i won­der: what is the greater sig­nif­i­cance of not “hav­ing a shad­ow?” or the thought that the wind might expe­ri­ence fatigue?

    maybe you ran out of steam because you need more behind the exer­cise itself?

    the thought that there are deep­er ques­tions there about exis­tence (like what bard said) is where the work real­ly is…

    ps. i like the idea that i’m a “poet friend.”

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